3 best apps in 2021 to keep your music organized desktop version

Downloading songs from any website: 

For downloading music online, you can try out https://soundcloudtomp3downloader.net/ to convert all favorite soundcloud audio, or even youtube video into MP3 format. Within a minute, you can have your MP3 song without any fee to pay

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And for that, with thousands of songs, records and playlists in the document folder, it must be tiring for you to try to organise those cumbersomes. But don’t worry, here are 4 apps to manage your downloaded songs, in such an organized and themed way. 

1. Music bee

MusicBee is one of the most top-rated apps that specializes in organizing music. MusicBee is designed to help you organize your music library, just one click and here it is, your favourite song is playing. 

With such a theme, MusicBee creates for music lovers a platform which looks just like popular paid apps such as Spotify, ITunes,.. It also allows you to integrate with other notable  music apps and hubs like podcasts, SoundCloud, and our converted mp3 songs of course. 

The thing that makes MusicBee standout is that it’s freeware, which is funded by donations from all over the world. It is now available for download with 100% free. 

2. MediaMonkey

Another high-rated app that helps you in collecting music is MediaMoney. The free version of MoneyMedia has quite many superb features. One of those excellent tools is that you can automatically tag your music files and download the correct album cover. 

Not only helping you in re-creating music library, this free music organizer can also sync with various MP3/media players including Android devices and the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.Without any fees to be paid, you can try MediaMonkey here: 

3. Helium music manager 

Helium is such a notable music manager app for desktop.Helium is available to support an array of audio types that include MP3, WMA, MP4, FLAC, OGG, and so on. One of top-rated Helium’s features is its MP3 Analyzer. This tool scans your library for broken MP3 files and can be used to repair them. 

Helium is free now, but if you upgrade your account to premium, you can stream every, literally every song offline. Here’s the link to download Helium: 

















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