4 Quick SEO Wins to Improve Your Website

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of improving the quality of a website with the purpose of elevating its position in an organic search, thus increasing the organic traffic of a site. 

The benefits of engaging in SEO on a continuous basis is that a website with rank higher, therefore gain more traffic, which can potentially become sales and a boost to revenue. 

SEO may seem like a daunting and time-consuming task. Bear in mind that some companies have an entire SEO team on hand. However, it does not have to be. Here are four quick wins that can be carried out to provide a signification difference.

  1. Internal linking

Internal linking means different pages and resources on a website are linking to each other. It allows Google to easily find and understand the pages on a site by directing it to the most important pages. 

When you publish a piece of content in the form of a blog for example, select another piece of you content which it can link to, making sure it is contextually relevant. Use natural anchor text, in the form of a variety of different phrases to show diversity and avoid it looking spammy.

  1. Title tags and meta descriptions 

Title tags are the first line or heading that people can see on a Google results page. It ultimately provides the description of the page. It is important to place keywords a site wants to rank for within the title tag. Additionally, small businesses such include the location in a title tag. When design title tags put yourself in the users’ position, what are people likely to type into a search bar when looking for your product or service. 

The meta description is the text below the title. In a way it is a blurb providing more information about the specific web page. Use your keywords again but include them with added details and call to actions. Think of it as a short advertisement. 

  1. Create backlinks

A backlink occurs when one website links to another website. Google views these links as an endorsement of a site. It suggests link-worthy content and authority. This is one of the search engines ranking factors. 

Pursuing backlinks is time-consuming. It requires reaching out to online publications for guest post opportunities or collaborations with bloggers and content creators. 

Simple ways include collaborating with current partners or suppliers by featuring on a blog post or write a testimonial in exchange for a backlink. 

Alternatively, you could work with a professional link building service who will be able to work within a set budget to complete the outreach with industry relevant partners. 

  1. Online directories

List the business on as many online directories as possible, especially Google My Business. This will provide added links to a website, adding credibility and authority. Ensure business details are correct and consistent across all directories as a misspelling or inconsistencies may have the opposable effect and signal an untrustworthy business. 

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