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4 Ways to Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Digital marketing is where it’s at. If your company isn’t trying to reach consumers online, you might be stuck back in 1990-something. OK, maybe the early 2000s. While traditional advertising isn’t obsolete yet, even TV and radio spots are becoming “digital.” Think of ad-supported streaming platforms for video and audio content.

But while digital marketing can be faster and cheaper, the process isn’t simple. You’ve got pay-per-click ads, blog posts, webinars, and social media content to consider, and the list goes on. Behind all of it are problems and questions such as, “Should my business post on every major social site?”

The solutions are often unique to your company, its goals, and your audience. However, there are some general tips to kick your digital marketing efforts into high gear. Below we’ll outline four ways to boost your endeavors and how these methods can lead to success.

1. Optimize Your Content

People don’t find your digital content by magic. It’s up to the search engines to show results based on consumers’ keywords and questions. The algorithms behind the search engines are constantly at work, determining what content is most relevant to the searcher’s intent.

If someone searches for “winter watering tips,” the top results will explain best practices for watering landscapes during the winter. The content will contain keywords matching the search phrases and questions. Yet the first results will likely be from high-authority sites others use as a resource. The information isn’t superficial and doesn’t leave the reader with more questions than answers.

Part of standing out in the sea of online content is optimizing it for search engines. With an SEO strategy, you can increase the chances your target audience will find you online. First, you must determine who your audience is and what information they’re searching for. Once you have, you can build your authority and organic traffic by creating optimized content that satisfies their search intent. With time, more organic website traffic tends to increase visibility and leads.

2. Give Away Something for Free

Approximately 34% of new customers come from online contests. It’s a sizable number and shows the power of offering something for free. When people can win something or get a free product sample, they’re often willing to provide their contact information in exchange.

As a result, your business gains additional leads. These are prospects who will remember the value your company provided. With a bit of nurturing, you can eventually convert a portion of those leads into paying customers.

Also, people who enter online giveaways are happy to share the link to your page. An overwhelming 94.6% of online contest participants will share the details, increasing your brand’s visibility. You can set up digital sweepstakes through your social media and website pages. Offer sample products or complimentary services, depending on what your business sells. Some companies also give away items like gift cards and concert tickets.   

3. Try Targeted Paid Ads

Not everyone is going to learn about your business through an organic search. To reach more of your audience, you need paid online advertising. One popular method is pay-per-click ads, which you can run on social media platforms and via search engines.

With PPC ads, you come up with the graphics and the copy. The ads are shown to target audiences as they’re scrolling through their social media feeds, search engine results, and online articles. Once people click on the ad, they go to your website. It can be your home page, but often it’s a landing page dedicated to what the ad is about. Maybe it’s a special product promo, gated educational content, or a lead gen form.  

Regardless, your business only pays for each click. Depending on the platform, average costs can vary between $1 and $30 per click. Other variables like ad quality and keywords can also impact per-click costs. Paid digital advertising targets whom you want to reach on the platforms where they spend the most time. So if your audience gravitates toward online video content sites, consider running most of your PPC ad campaigns there.

4. Ramp Up Your Tech

You can’t execute your digital marketing strategy without the right technology. If you’re posting blogs, creating landing pages, and sending emails, it helps to have an all-in-one platform. Preferably, it’s one with access to your customer and prospect databases. If your current tech stack is lacking in any way, it’s time to reassess the tools your team uses.

For instance, could automation capabilities help your company deliver more targeted emails? Are there gaps between your digital marketing goals and your software’s capacities? You could need a different program altogether. But don’t discount the option to upgrade to a higher tier of your existing platform if there is one.

Let’s say your team has been using a freemium keyword research tool. They’ve experienced some success finding appropriate search terms and topics. However, the group spends too much time guessing where the competition’s keywords overlap with yours. Upgrading to a paid tier will give them access to the information they’re missing. A streamlined keyword gap analysis can help your business fine-tune its content strategy with underserved topics.  

Standing Out From the Crowd  

Digital marketing might be a cost-effective way to reach consumers. But figuring out how to stand out from the crowd can be a challenge. It’s like staring at a buffet of mouth-watering foods and wondering which tastes best. While there isn’t necessarily a universal secret sauce to digital marketing success, there are ways to find yours. Taking stock of basic practices will lead you to what works well for your business and audience.                                

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