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9 Foolproof Tips to Appoint an Authentic and Competent Moving Company in Pune

Are you considering a local or intercity house shifting from Pune? Haven’t you been able to find a fitting moving company for the move? Are you clueless about how to appoint the packers and movers in Pune? You don’t need to feel stressed anymore as I have got you the 9 foolproof tips to appoint an authentic and competent moving company in Pune. Read the following pointers to know about the same: 

1. Don’t consider moving on your own

Moving houses is a painstaking activity that involves a lot of steps that you cannot avoid. Planning, preparing, packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, and re-arranging are necessary steps when you perform a house shifting. You cannot accomplish a house shifting single-handedly. Since you do not have any preceding experience in carrying out a move on your own, you will not be able to pack your things using the required skills. You don’t know how to load your belongings in the moving truck to avoid damaging them on the move. Trying to move on your own will damage your belongings and you will not be able to avail of insurance coverage for the damages. 

2. Need for competent packers and movers

House shifting is an arduous occurrence that demands your time and effort. You need to chalk out a proper plan and prepare everything ahead of time. Your move from Pune depends on how well you prepare and execute the plan. You should appoint competent packers and movers while shifting from Pune

There are several moving companies in Pune. However, not all of them are authentic or competent. The moving industry is full of fraudulent companies that swindle customers through moving scams. You need to be cautious while appointing a moving company for your house shifting. 

Make sure the company you will hire match your specific needs. For example, if you need warehousing and household storage services in Pune, make sure that your move offers this specific kind of service. 

3. Look for reliable recommendations

When you are looking for the best packers and movers in Pune for local or intercity moves, you should ask the people you trust. Ask your close friends, relatives, neighbours, and colleagues for reliable recommendations. They will be able to suggest your names if they have past experience in house shifting. 

4. Do extensive online research

The fastest way to get trusted knowledge on any subject is by asking Google. So, do extensive online research on the packers and movers in Pune in your adjacent areas. Visit the websites of the moving companies and check their ratings and reviews. You need to devote your time to reading the reviews of the clients who have already availed of their services and shared their experiences online. These reviews will help you to filter moving companies effectively. 

5. Ask the experts in the industry

After reading the reviews of the customers, you may feel confused. Some of the customers may have shared amazing experiences while others may have experienced terrible consequences of hiring the same moving companies. To get foolproof recommendations, you should consult the experts in the industry. Enquire in such an online platform about the best packers and movers in Pune. Within a few minutes, you will receive pre-verified details of the three best moving companies in Pune. These moving companies will be located close to your location and will be within the limits of your moving budget. 

6. Request movers to conduct a pre-move survey

As you receive the three verified details of the most suitable moving companies in Pune, you should contact them without any delay. Request them to conduct a pre-move survey by visiting your house. They will send a representative from their end for site inspection. They will make a note of all the major household belongings. 

After that, they will send you an estimated cost quotation according to the pre-move survey. As you receive several quotations from multiple packers and movers in Pune, you can compare their moving charges and choose the moving company that is offering you the most economical rates.

7. Visit the moving company office

When you look for your moving company, do not finalise in haste. Be practical and patient throughout the process. You should visit the office of the moving company without fail. By doing so, you can understand if they have a registered office or not. 

A licensed and reputed moving company will have a registered office of their own. So, physically go to their firm and see how they treat their future customers. You should pay heed to the body language and gestures of the staff members if anything seems doubtful.

8. Verify their credentials

As you visit the office of the movers and packers in Pune, request them to produce their credentials. Check if the moving company has a trade license, GST registration certificate, IBA-authorisation letter and a company PAN card. If they are not apprehensive to produce these documents, you can go ahead with them.

9. Finalise the company

After you complete the verifying their credentials after visiting their office, you will be able to make out the intentions of the authorities running the organisation. Make sure that they do not ask you to pay a hefty amount in cash as the booking amount. Ask them to provide you with a hard copy of their invoice for the monetary transaction. If the authorities seem ready to abide by your verification process and mode of payment, you can consider them the most suitable packers and movers in Pune for your house shifting. Pune moving companies also offer other services, such as pet moving services, furniture moving services, bike shifting services, and car transportation services in Pune

The Conclusion

Shifting houses is an activity that needs your time, effort, and monetary bandwidth. You have to invest your time and patience while conducting the entire search mission. Don’t overlook the hints and trust your intuition when you visit the office of the moving company in Pune.  Always get your move insured as it will guarantee the safety of your goods on the go. 

In case anything goes wrong on the go, the packers and movers will bear the responsibility for the damages to your goods. You will get apt compensation from them for your losses. Whether you want to hire packers and movers from Pune to Delhi or Chennai, hiring the right one is crucial. Follow the above-mentioned 9 foolproof tips to appoint an authentic and competent moving company in Pune. Hope you have an amazing moving experience.

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