Audible now has a new subscription plan that might be a little bit confusing to some people. If you are among this group of people, then this article will be very helpful to you because we have already made a simple comparison of the two subscriptions to help you know their major differences and benefits.

Audible company has introduced the Plus membership by upgrading an old subscription model that the Gold membership offers which is based on getting audiobooks that can be possessed forever in exchange for money.

This new Plus subscription for Audible grants you access to Unlimited audiobooks. To access this catalog for one month, you will need to pay just $7.95. This price is half of what you would pay if you were to subscribe to the Gold plan. After paying the price, not only will you be able to access an unlimited catalog of audiobooks, but will also be able to use your tablet or Smartphone to download them for offline purposes or stream them. But, immediately the subscription is canceled, everything you ad access to would be lost.

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Audible tries to remodel the whole ecosystem as they introduced a new membership plan. Users will also need little time to decide which of the subscription plans is best for them.

Now, let us define the 2 current membership plans that Audible offers. These plans are Audible Premium Plus and Audible Plus. “Premium” stands for credits, while “Plus” stands for streaming.

The Definition of Audible Premium and Audible Plus

  • Audible Premium Plus

This plan offers both streaming and credits, and it was formerly called the Platinum / Gold membership. There are 2 elements included in this subscription and they are as follows: gaining access to unlimited Plus Catalog and getting credits that can be exchanged for audiobooks that are from the Premium catalog. The monthly fee goes for $22.95 for 2 credits and $14.95 for 1 credit. More detailed review of Audible Plus at IMHO.

  • Audible Plus

This plan offers only streaming and was introduced in the year 2020 around August. With this plan, a user will gain access to unlimited audiobooks from the Plus Catalog in which there are more than 10,000 (ten thousand) audio publications. After canceling the subscription, you will no longer be able to access the audiobooks. The monthly fee goes for $7.95

The audiobooks catalog is now split into 2 parts after introducing Audible Plus:

  • Premium catalog – Every other audiobooks. The audiobooks are available only to people who subscribe to Audible Premium to get credits in exchange for money. Plus subscribers and non-members can buy the publications at the normal price.
  • Plus catalog – Podcasts, Audible originals, and select audiobooks that can be streamed and downloaded, but cannot be owned forever. They are available only for Audible Premium and Audible Plus subscribers. They can still be bought at a normal price by non-members.


Audible Premium Plus

As we have said earlier, this plan was formally called Platinum and/or Gold membership. Now, what makes them different is the number of credits that you will get each month.

Rebranding this membership plan to Audible Premium is to give Audile Plus some space and to also introduce the Plus catalog. Basically, the memberships are still the same – you will get 2 or 2 credits that can be exchanged for an audiobook or two from the whole Audible catalog.

To understand it better, what we are trying to say is that with the Premium Plus plan,  you will get access to the following:

  • Plus catalog – Subscribers can stream audiobooks of their choice just like the Plus members. It also includes more than 11,000 (eleven thousand) titles.
  • Premium catalog – This one includes the whole remaining Audible catalog. You can get an audiobook in exchange for the monthly credits you receive, which is usually 1 or 2, no matter the worth of the audiobook. There are also close to 500,000 (five hundred thousand) titles.

Plus members cannot access audiobooks from the premium catalog. The only option they have is to buy an audiobook from the premium catalog that they want to enjoy.

Audible Plus

A lot of audiobook enthusiasts are delighted at the introduction of this new subscription. This is because it grants them unlimited access as well as a cheaper price compared to Gold membership.

There is a major drawback that is associated with this new subscription. the drawback is that the eligible audiobooks have a limited amount. It is undeniable that you will have unlimited access. This does not mean that the whole Audible catalog will be available for you, but you will have unlimited access to the entire audio files that are in the Plus catalog.

In the Plus catalog, there are more than 11,000 titles of audiobooks and the total listening time amounts to 68,000 hours. They include journalism, comedy, documentaries, and Audible originals.

You can get the Plus catalog (Audible) from Amazon even if you have not yet signed up for an Audible account. But, Amazon does not have new hot full-length audiobooks. You will find only short-form originals that Audible produced.


Have you ever wondered which of the plans is best for you? There are a few important things to consider before you know the particular Audible plan to go for, whether Premium or Plus and we are going to briefly discuss them below.

Choosing Audible Plus membership

If you realize that the Audible Plus catalog has a lot of interesting podcasts and audiobooks, then you can just stick to Audible Plus.

Always remember that non-Plus audiobooks can still be bought, and it is not every time that you would be asked to pay the regular/normal price. You just need to keep updated with Audible deals so that you will know when they are offering discounts on the audiobook of your choice.

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Choosing Audible Premium Plus membership

If you feel that the Audible Plus catalog does not have sufficient interesting titles, then Audible Premium Plus is the best option for you. Additionally, if you want to own audiobooks, then you should go for this plan.

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