Best Cable TV Providers in New York

Cable TV is among the major sources of entertainment for American families as it offers access to hundreds of TV channels from local to premium and caters to the needs of all family members.

Getting cable TV service or cutting the cord has been a hot topic during the past few years. Especially in the last year when people were bound to their homes and were looking for ways to cut the costs. 

However, the benefits of cable TV are unmatched and those who are looking to cancel it will probably end up paying more and get caught in a mess that is not going to leave them in peace. Those who understand it, still prefer cable TV over any live streaming platforms.

Moreover, for those who are looking to save money, there are a variety of options to choose from. And the plus point is that you don’t need any internet services to watch cable TV unless you are streaming using your Smart TVs or mobile devices.

Best TV Service Providers in New York

If you are living in New York, there are several TV service providers that you can choose from. However, we will not consider the local options for that and evaluate the ones that are widely available throughout the country.

These cable TV options include Spectrum cable TV, Verizon Fios TV, and Direct TV. Let’s have a look at these TV service providers and see what they have to offer.

  • Spectrum Cable TV

Spectrum is the cable TV, internet, and phone service provider owned by Charter Communications. It is one of the largest cable TV providers that offers services in over 40 states and has millions of active customers.

With Spectrum, there are 3 major plans for cable TV that include TV Select, Silver, and Gold. These plans start at $44.99 per month with TV select while the prices go up to $94.99 per month for the TV Gold plan. 

As for channel line-up, the Select plan offers 125+ channels that include local channels along with famous networks such as HGTV, ESPN, AMC, ABC, Bravo, Discovery, Disney, Fox, and many more. The Silver plan offers more than 175 channels that include all the channels from select in addition to HBO, Showtime, NFL, and several others.

TV Gold can be said as the most premium option as it offers access to more than 200 channels including Starz, TMC, HBO, NHL, MLB, and several others. For more information on Charter channel line-up, you can visit

Along with that, Spectrum offers services without any contracts while the prices are generally good for 12 months. Moreover, there are options like on-demand choices, DVR, and the free TV app that customers can download and watch live TV from anywhere using their mobile devices.

  • Verizon Fios TV

Verizon Fios TV offers services using its fiber optics network and is currently available to customers in over 9 eastern states. After Spectrum, this is the best option for cable TV that is available to people of New York. 

The best part about Fios TV is that it offers a plan that allows customers to choose the channels of their choice. Moreover, it offers an extensive channel line-up with more than 425 channels.

With Verizon Fios TV, there are three plans available known as Your Fios TV, More Fios TV, and Most Fios TV. Among these, Your Fios TV offers 125+ channels, but the unique thing about that is these channels are based on customer preferences. Verizon asks you to choose 5 channels of your choice and then adds other channels based on your selection.

More Fios TV offers more than 300 channels that include a great blend of sports, entertainment, kids, and other most-watched channels. Similarly, Most Fios TV tops the list with more than 425 channels including premiums and local channels. 

As for prices, these plans cost $50, $70, and $90 per month respectively while the prices do not include charges for equipment or taxes. 

  • Direct TV

Direct TV is a satellite TV provider that is very well known among sports fans. One major reason behind that is the free NFL Sunday Ticket offered to all eligible customers by Direct TV. So, who doesn’t want that? In addition to that, Direct TV is also offering 2020-2021 NBA League Pass for free as part of their current promotion. 

There are four plans offered by Direct TV are known as Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier that offer 160+. 185+, 250+, and 330+ channels respectively. Among these, the Entertainment plan does not include the NFL Sunday ticket. 

Moreover, Choice and Ultimate plans offer HBO max for free for the next 12 months while Starz, Cinemax, Epix, and Showtime are offered for free for the next 3 months from the time of signing up. 

Another great aspect of Direct TV services is its Genie DVR, which is offered to customers for free. However, these plans are expensive compared to other service providers as they cost $64.99, $69.99, $84.99, and $134.99 per month with a 2 years’ contract. In addition to that, prices are subject to change and go up after the first 12 months.

Final Verdict

Cable TV offers much more variety, easy access to all the channels, ability to watch everything from any device whether it’s a regular TV, a smart TV, or now even the mobile devices if you have Charter cable TV services. 

Moreover, there are a variety of plans to choose from including the very basic to the most premiums that offer access to channels such as HBO, Starz, Showtime, etc. So, customers have the freedom to choose whatever they want and what suits their budget.

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