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Best Practices in Social Business

In this final section, it’s the dos and don’ts (actually, the “do this insteads”) that get put into practice. Following is a quick look into five specific examples of how social media and social business best practices are being used now to build better organizations.

  • Listening

Always begin with a listening program, and incorporate this into each of the following items. This provides the starting platform to keep you on track.

  • Customer-driven design

Focus your listening, and invite customers to provide specific inputs. Use this to evolve your product or service offering and to connect your customers deeply into your business organization.

  • Crowdsourcing

Rather than trying to make sense of 10,000 ideas, let your customers sort out the list. They’ll vote for what they want and pass on the rest. You can focus on what they want.

  • Knowledge exchange

How much faster can problems be solved when everyone involved—including your customers and your employees—work together to solve them? Collectively solving problems is a great way to show your customers you love them.

  • Gaming: Incentive for sharing

What can you learn from a gamer? A lot, actually. Adding a game-based challenge to basic activities like content posting can turn spectators into participants.

Customer-Driven Design

What happens when you build your business around collaboration itself? For starters, your customers get involved in your products and services right from the start, which in turn can give you a continuous source of innovative suggestions on how to evolve.

In addition, directly involved customers can become the core of your most ardent supporters—or most vocal detractors.

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