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Whether you operate a physical store or an e-commerce store, chancing the right wholesaler plays an important part in your business development. You must also confirm the purchase of domestic or foreign wholesale clothing. You can snappily browse the following content to understand the advantages and disadvantages of wholesale at home and abroad.

Domestic wholesale

Since the wholesaler is located in the country, using domestic wholesale to buy your products will greatly dock the shipping time. Communication between wholesalers and business possessors will also come easier, because every sale has no language walls. All these advantages mean reducing possible crimes while perfecting manufacturing quality.

Overseas wholesale

Overseas manufacturing and wholesale generally have lower manufacturing costs, but unfortunately, this may affect in lower labor norms and indeed lower product quality. Since the particulars are located overseas, this system may also bear longer shipping time. Still, there are also numerous platforms overseas, similar as FondMart, which give proven manufacturers and fast delivery.

Just like the below system, domestic wholesale and foreign wholesale have their own advantages and disadvantages. For more detailed information, you can also read our blog where to buy wholesale clothing everything you need to know.

China Garment Wholesale Website


FondMart is the world’s most grazed clothing force platform, furnishing one – stop service for wholesalers, retailers and distributors. FondMart has integrated further than trusted suppliers in China, streamlining further than new products and clothings every day.

These clothes are elegant and dateless and are included in different sizes of packaging, so choose wisely. The clothes are inspired by fashion shows and magazines, so you can make sure that FondMart’s clothes wholesale are high fashion.

The platoon behind FondMart has been deeply involved in the clothing assiduity for decades, and is committed to helping further overseas merchandisers profit from no minimal order volume and rich product selection,including plus size wholesale plus size loungewear wholesale, helping you reduce investment costs and redundant force.

In addition, FondMart works with further than 40 drivers around the world to give you with the most affordable and dependable delivery options, covering further than 195 countries/ regions. Up to now, we’ve handed services to further than 20K global merchandisers, including some well- known overseas clothing brands.

FondMart has been fastening on promoting the procurement conditioning of global small and micro merchandisers with a new sale model of 7-15 days delivery. In addition, at FondMart, you can buy high- quality exchange clothing at seductive prices, which helps reduce your investment costs. Thus, as to what’s the stylish clothing wholesale website, FondMart is your stylish answer.

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