Customer engagement platform: Binding customers made easy

It takes a good amount of time cultivating a name but the task even difficult is living up to its reputation. But all the efforts and hard work put in, pays. The competitors can take away products, replicate strategies, copy sales techniques but what any competitor can’t take away is the brand name. The value emanated by the name of the brand has a different say among the customers and this can’t be replicated by someone else. But it does take a humongous amount of effort to maintain the value of the brand. Though it might seem like a daunting task but then, a customer engagement platform is there to help.

A customer engagement platform is software that helps the consumer base of a company to get in touch with the company by every possible means through every possible window. This software houses hoards of databases of relevant content and keeps an eye on the developmental transformation from strangers to customers and prospective promoters. For getting a good estimate or understanding of the intricacies of customer engagement platforms it is vital to consider the touchpoints involved in a path. First things first the most basic stage, customers becoming aware of the brand. There are various ways for a prospective customer to discover a brand. Customers can discover businesses online if the search engine optimization results rank that business high enough to be seen easily. The second way is for the businesses to be recognized by ads. These businesses advertise themselves on websites. The last one is to be discovered by social media marketing, where various offers, discounts, or sales are advertised explicitly. In all three ways, the potential customer has a good chance of landing on the product page of the website. Once equipped with the details of the potential customers the businesses can start implanting offers and discount alerts along with casual wishes. Reaching out to customers by the means of emails and calls is a generic thing now. The sales team while pitching should start with the problems currently faced by prospective consumers and present its solution. This increases the trust factor. The final onboarding of customers isn’t so far now. Once onboard the customer the focus should be on retaining them. This can be accomplished by providing an excellent issue resolution rate, good support services, etc. Regular check-in on customers and occasional customer delight is something that should never be left off the grid.

Advantages of Customer engagement platform:

  • Remote servicing: In this digital world where from post to the bank, education to job everything has shifted online, people do not want to move to specific offices to get their work done. They want the convenience to be with every service that they avail. This means solutions provided to the customers should be at their place and their time in short according to the whims and fancies of the customers. The extent to which companies provide remote services can be understood by the example that banks today allow payment of credit card bills or other things through various channels such as internet banking, UPI, debit card, etc. And this all channel support is what makes these banks so popular among the customers. So the one with the most convenient services facilities thrives.
  • Accumulating insights of customers: Each and every business or industry truly values the insights of customers. It acts as an open book. A book written on the minds of customers. Who wants what? This could end up shooting the revenue of sales through the skies. Insights of customers help understand the mindset and behavior of the customers. This helps to shape the product to be launched just as the requirement of the market. So sales are bound to skyrocket. Ever since the availability of a vast number of platforms for interaction with customers, accumulating relevant data has become more than easy. With the data in hand, it creates ideal conditions for preparing marketing or sales strategies and helps in the all-around growth of a business.
  • Improving shopping experience: With the advent of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. the whole process of customer retaining has been redefined. This has also redefined the whole process of marketing, sales, customer engagement for traditional markets. For instance, automated chatbots can assist people while they are buying something online. They provide their valuable insight, inform about discounts, and help choose items. All this while the preferences and choices are being monitored and stored for future customer engagement services. Reasonable analytics, research are conducted on hoards of data to hatch new marketing and sales strategies for better interaction with the customers in the future.
  • Real-time customer engagement: With the ever-increasing customer base it is increasing the number of businesses and if one does not serve the best, it would take a minute for the customer to switch. Consumers have been becoming more and more choice-specific. And if a business wants to survive then it should comply. This calls for the businesses to engage with their customers on a personal scale which makes the customers feel more valued.
  • Support services: Customer support services are something that is what hands and legs to a human are. Such is the importance of support services in this industry. This is an integral part of any company or industry. Providing support round the clock for all days isn’t possible for any support unit. Alternatively, customer experience management softwares can create an environment that lets the customers access a self-support portal. In this portal, customers can enter their query and search for its solution among all other answers posted on FAQ base. This does not let customers face any problem for a long time. Also since solutions are already available in most cases so support services are also available 24 X 7 this way.


Customer engagement platform is the need of the hour for any business in today’s time. With the increasing competition in every sector, there has to be something unique about a business to ensure that it survives if not thrives and that something can be customer engagement management software.

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