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How can you effectively edit your YouTube videos?

 YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world. The first video ever uploaded was on 23 April 2005, and contained a very distinctive CGI dancing baby. Since then, it has risen to be not only a website where people can show their talents on camera for all to see but also a place where people begin careers. It’s become so popular that some users have even had meetings with President Obama about social media use!

But there are many different types of videos exactly like you’d expect on YouTube too – let’s take a look at some of them. One example is vlogs, or “video logs”. These are usually filmed by an individual and chronicle their life every day; these include things such as doing chores, travelling, or even just eating breakfast. This can be categorized into one of two sub-genres; there are “unboxings”, which show people opening up packages they’ve received in the mail (usually containing tech products like smartphones), and then there’s “hauls”, where users film themselves shopping for new clothes, make-up or other items.

 At this point, it seems like you might want to upload your own video telling everyone about how great you are at editing videos on YouTube – but hold on! Before you go ahead and start uploading away, take a look at these tips that will help improve your videos massively when you edit them!

           1. Don’t use copyrighted material

Unless you’ve been given permission by the creator themselves to use their music, do not put it in your video. This is because copyright can be very complex and YouTube is actually known for being a bit too lax on this – you might think that using just one second of copyrighted material won’t hurt anything, but if you’re broadcasting your videos out to hundreds or thousands of people then it could mean that they all get sued.

           2. Frame Your Video Properly

Many YouTubers value aesthetics highly; making sure your videos look good is an important trait to have. A great way of doing this is framing it properly so that everything looks neat and tidy! This means having enough room around the edges so the text doesn’t appear squashed up and making sure that any logos or graphics aren’t too big and cover up the good stuff. When it comes to using text, you’ll want to avoid covering your face, writing large words across your screen, or writing anything on a black background.

           3. Keep Your Videos Short & Sweet

You’ve probably seen loads of viral videos before after they started gaining traction online; there are some factors that determine whether something becomes popular or not, but how long it plays an important role in this! Most people don’t have time for watching 5-minute-long videos about someone’s everyday life, so if you’re serious about becoming a YouTube personality then breaking up your videos into short bits will work better for you!


When you are done editing your videos, make sure to export it in the highest resolution possible. This will ensure that any potential customer can watch your video with optimal playback quality without having to download or stream it on their device. If you want professional help editing and exporting videos for different platforms, contact Video editing service providers today! They offer a variety of high-quality Unlimited video editing services at affordable prices.


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