How do I turn a photo into a patch?

Turning a photo into a patch seems like we are back in the nineties! The old and classic fashion is coming back with much vigor and this classic fashion is being accepted and appreciated by our advanced age. The top 90s trends are versatile and they are being adopted, altered with some twists in a great way, especially the photo patches! You must have seen this type of patch on hats, shoes, trousers, coats, and backpacks and wanted one for yourself to make a fashion statement.

This article is for our supportive readers who want personalized products of custom patches. This guide of making photo patches will help you observe the process of how we come up with these patches for you. The good news is that the whole process of turning a photo into a patch will not cost you an arm and a leg. Thus, you can make unlimited photo patches yourself that will bring a whole new twist to the process. So, let us get down to it!

How to make patches from photos | A step-by-step guide:

Photo Patches are a fashion statement to custom clothing labels. These types of patches illustrate the label more vividly and animatedly. Multiple ways can be adapted to turn a photo into a patch for any of your clothing pieces, bags, apparel, or some other accessories. You can create and design your custom photo patches with the help of the following methods to get the desired product of your efforts!

Required Materials to turn photos into patches:

  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Iron (if you are making patches with iron)
  • A picture you want to turn into a patch
  • A light-colored pencil or pen
  • Sewing machine (it is optional)
  • The inkjet printer (it is optional).

Select a Design

When it comes down to selecting a photo of your artwork, the most important thing is simplicity! If the design is intricate or difficult then it will require more effort and time to make the end product. So, choose a design that reflects your personality!

To make your patch more noticeable go for something that is colorful and will stand out! The size of the design is also an essential factor to keep in mind to achieve the perfection of printed patches.

Methods for making patches from photos

There are two methods to make photo patches. You can choose whichever method suits you best to make printed patches. The two methods are:

  1. The Inkjet Printing Method
  2. Sewing Method

We will explain all these methods. Don’t miss out on the steps given below for high-end patches from photos.

The Inkjet Printing Method

  1. It is one of the easiest methods if you have a printer handy. You can use a hand-drawn image or a photo and take its print by altering the size up to your preference.
  2. Wait till the transfer sheet is dry and then take a thick fabric of any neutral color and place the printed image face down on the thick fabric.
  3. Place the iron on the printed sheet and move the iron in a circular motion to cover all the edges.
  4. Keep doing it for 1 or 1.5 minutes on high heat.
  5. Rest it for 2 minutes and then peel the sheet from the fabric.
  6. You can now cut the fabric into a patch with scissors and put it on the sticky side of the peel and stick fusing paper with the design on the front.
  7. Press it tightly with your fingers. Once you are satisfied cut out the design and take off the sticky paper.
  8. Gently place the design on the desired place on your clothing and press it firmly on the edges.
  9. Now you have your custom fashion statement.

Sewing Method

  1. Don’t use any designs that are intricate if you are a beginner. Choose a design and trace it over a piece of thick fabric.
  2. Adjust your sewing machine to a zigzag stitching design with width to 2 and length to 0 for nice, thick, and bold lines.
  3. Sew around the traced lines and pivot the needle along the process.
  4. Now you can cut the patch in different shapes and transfer it into the desired area of the clothing piece by using peel and stick paper.

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