How many people wear glasses in the UK and other stats

We all know that person who seems like an extension of their glasses, perched firmly on the bridge of their nose. Or perhaps you’re that person yourself, navigating the world with lenses as your trusty sidekicks. Whether you prefer a some professionally made glasses, or love the ease of contacts, how many of us actually rely on these optical aids to see the world more clearly?

Peering into Europe’s Eyewear Habits

Europe is a melting pot of eyewear preferences, with each country sporting its own unique style – and I’m not just talking about frames. Belgium and North Macedonia take the crown for the highest percentage of glasses wearers, boasting an impressive 70%. On the flip side, Turkey and Estonia seem to be squinting a bit more, with only 20% of the population donning specs.

But hold on, what about the economic powerhouses? You’d think countries like the UK, France, and Italy would have a clear vision when it comes to eyewear, but the stats might surprise you. While Germany proudly sits atop the European glasses-wearing podium at 63.5%, France is lagging behind with just 29.5% of the population sporting spectacles.

Beyond Europe: A Global Glimpse

Let’s zoom out of Europe and take a peek at eyewear habits across the globe. Japan emerges as a spectacle haven, with a staggering 73.9% of the population opting for glasses. Meanwhile, America isn’t too far behind, with 64.3% of folks rocking frames.

However, the eyewear landscape isn’t so rosy everywhere. In India, only a modest 29% of people surveyed reported wearing glasses, while in South Africa, the figure stands at 14.6%. Shockingly, an estimated 550 million Africans need glasses, yet only a fraction have access to them.

Contact Lenses: An Alternative?

Now, let’s talk about those tiny, transparent wonders – contact lenses. Sweden unexpectedly takes the crown for contact lens wearers, with 30% of its population embracing the lens life. But wait, wasn’t Sweden hovering around the middle of the glasses-wearing chart? It’s a curious shift in perspective.

Belgium, which boasted a hefty 70% of glasses wearers, seems less enthusiastic about contact lenses, with only 10% of its population opting for them. And what about the big players like Germany and the UK? Surprisingly, they don’t seem as keen on contact lenses, with single-digit percentages opting for this alternative vision correction method.

So, what do these numbers tell us? Well, for starters, there’s a vast world out there filled with people seeing things differently – quite literally. While some countries prefer the classic charm of glasses, others opt for the seamless clarity of contact lenses. And then there are those who are still squinting, waiting for access to the eyewear they desperately need.

But regardless of whether you’re Team Glasses or Team Contacts, the goal remains the same – to see the world in all its glory. So, whether you’re rocking frames or slipping in lenses, here’s to clear vision and a brighter tomorrow.


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