I Put It tothe Test: Coolsculpting

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Me: “Wow, Sally! Didn’t you just give birth to a child? “You’re so small!” “Oh, you know, breastfeeding and yoga,” Sally says. [Incredulous expression on my face.] “Well, I also did the Coolsculpting thing…” Sally says.

(Note: this is not her true name.) As a beauty blogger, I have access to a wealth of information on the industry. Many times at parties, I’ve been approached by a friend who has gently revealed that she has had Coolsculpting. I was astounded by the number of people who do it, even girls who are athletic, low-maintenance, naturally slender, or all of the above. So I was excited to try Coolsculpting on my lower stomach, which had become a little pouchier since the birth of my third child. Here’s how I feel about Coolsculpting:

What is Coolsculpting and how does it work?

If you are considering CoolSculpting for the removal of stubborn fat deposits, you should consider the risks and benefits. First, you should know that this non-surgical cosmetic procedure does not have any serious side effects. After the procedure, most clients can resume their normal activities within a few hours. In addition, they can even drive themselves home. The CoolSculpting process uses targeted technology that destroys fat cells that have been accumulating on your body for years. It freezes the subcutaneous fat in the area, which your body eventually flushes away over several months. It removes actual inches from your physique without the downtime of liposuction surgery.If you suffer from fat problems then coolsculpting in Dubai has the best treatment for you.

Nigro Dermatology in Houston has Coolsculpting equipment and a treatment room.

What Is Coolsculpting and How Does It Work?

The procedure uses precisely controlled cooling to remove excess fat cells from the submental region. The procedure is safe, and only targets the fat cells underneath the skin. Once the cells are frozen, they crystallize and die, and your body will naturally process them. Aside from reducing fat deposits, the treatment can also help you get a flatter chin. The full effects of CoolSculpting can take approximately three months to see. The CoolSculpting treatment is currently approved by the FDA for the midsection, hips, and neck.

Is Coolsculpting Harmful?

The procedure is a relatively inexpensive solution to unwanted fat. The average cost of CoolSculpting is around $500, and the procedure can take anywhere between half an inch to an inch of fat. While it does not work overnight, the results are often as expected. This treatment is safe and requires little downtime. The only downside to this procedure is that it is not covered by insurance carriers. But if you plan to have it done, there are no major risks, and you can expect a smooth and firmer tummy.

My Coolsculpting Experience

You probably passed over the filler above and went straight to the “before/after” picture. Welcome. Here’s my genuine bod, clad in actual paper underwear, in all its un-retouched, unfiltered glory:

Before 1 Coolsculpting Session compared. 7 months after 1 Coolsculpting Session

Because CoolSculpting involves the use of a laser, the recovery time is minimal. There is a chance of bruising and swelling, but there is no reason to worry. In fact, CoolSculpting can be expensive if you are on a budget. Insurance carriers often do not cover the procedure, which is why it’s so important to find a board-certified dermatologist to help you choose the best doctor for your unique needs.

Also worth noting: Coolsculpting does not reduce cellulite or tighten loose skin. Coolsculpting reduces the amount of subcutaneous fat in a given location by about 30% each time it is used. Your Coolsculpting expert may recommend additional treatments spaced many months apart depending on the amount of fat you have. And fat freezing in Dubai can be taken as the best service for fat control.

The CoolSculpting treatment involves freezing fat cells under the skin. The body’s natural metabolic processes will naturally process the frozen fat cells. The treatment will not cause downtime, which is another advantage of CoolSculpting. The downtime is minimal. During this time, your results will last for up to two months. If you are worried about your weight, you should not wait to see the results. The entire procedure will take about three weeks.

The CoolSculpting process does not cause any serious side effects, although it can be chilly. It uses controlled cooling through an applicator to freeze the fat cells under the skin. It takes five to 10 minutes for the cold to subside. Patients can return to their normal routines and activities after Coolsculpting. However, the recovery time is long and there are some risks associated with the procedure. While there are no serious risks, there is a high possibility of complications.

The CoolSculpting procedure is non-surgical, and it does not require any downtime. After the treatment, patients can return to their normal activities. No anesthesia is needed, and patients can go back to work or school immediately. There are no side effects to the CoolSculpting procedure. The procedure does not cause any pain or discomfort, though it may result in a mild amount of swelling. A small amount of downtime is associated with the treatment, and it is common for it to last for a few days.

What is the price of Coolsculpting?

The CoolSculpting procedure is very effective at eliminating unwanted fat cells from the body. This procedure is non-invasive and does not cause any downtime or complications. The results are visible and lasting and may last for months. It is not painful and can be repeated as needed. It is also FDA approved for the treatment of the hips, midsection, and neck. During the process, you will be able to return to work and resume normal activities immediately afterward.

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