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Important Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring Your Roofing Contractor

The very first step towards getting a new roof or roof repair is selecting the best roofing contractor for the job. Before deciding who to hire for the job, most of the homeowners start with a list of five roofing contractors and meet with three of them. You can start assembling a shortlist of potential roofing contractors by looking for qualified roofers online or asking the acquaintances for recommendations. However, these methods might not provide you with information you need to distinguish between qualified and unqualified roofers. Without knowing all the details about the contractor, making a decision solely on the basis of recommendations or gut instinct is dangerous. To help you zero in on your options and choose the best roofer, we have gathered seven questions you should be asking your roofers:

Can they give a detailed explanation of the company’s degree of roofing industry experience? 

Let your conversation with the contractor be like a job interview. Since many business owners began their careers in the industry working for other companies, it’s not necessary to inquire about the length of time the contractor has been in operation. Instead, you should ascertain the contractor’s overall level of experience.

Does the contractor have insurance coverage? 

To help shield your house from unintentional damage, your contractor should be insured. Make sure the certificate of insurance coverage is shared with you.

Does the contractor possess the license or other qualifications that the state or local government require? 

To find out the requirements, you can always give your city’s administrative offices a call. It is acceptable for contractors to give you a copy of their license. Verify the contractor’s record with the Better Business Bureau in your area to make sure there are no unresolved complaints. Every contractor may occasionally have problems with clients. What matters is how they handle the problems.

Will you receive a written estimate from the contractor? 

An estimate from your roofing contractor should include a detailed and accurate description of the work that needs to be done as well as the products that you have chosen for the project. 

Will the contractor thoroughly inspect the roof? 

Your roofing contractor should thoroughly inspect your current roof including the deck, flashing, attic, soil stacks, chimney, valleys, soil stacks, and other roof penetrations. This is the most effective method to ascertain the extent of roofing work that is required.

Is proper ventilation checked by your contractor? Does he/she give you an explanation? 

The attic ventilation should be thoroughly inspected by your roofing contractor. He should also discuss the significance of adequate ventilation. This should involve checking the condition of the current ventilation system on your roof. Inadequate ventilation has the potential to harm the shingles and create hazardous mold growth.

Can they give you clear and written terms for payment? 

Never pay for the roof in full up front. The Northallerton roofing contractor won’t ask for a deposit on most typical jobs that will be finished quickly, but they will demand full payment at the time of completion. Large-scale, intricate projects might call for a different payment schedule. You ought to feel at ease with the terms of payment. 

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