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Boost your IQ in just 21 days – Here are the 7 tricks to increase your intelligence. Secrets to improve intelligence. Boost the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) from intelligence and psycho technical tests. Improve your intelligence with 50 IQ tests. Practice to increase your IQ, adapt the tests to your possibilities, and progress at your own pace. Train to increase your intelligence. Have fun with all kinds of intelligence tests: logical, mathematical, visual, and spatial. The intelligence test is totally and absolutely FREE.

Step 1: Here are 7 simple tricks to increase your intelligence:

Here are the 7 intelligence tips to increase your intellectual coefficient (IQ). One of the easiest ways to increase your intelligence quotient (IQ) is to follow a balanced and healthy diet. IQ is not something fixed, but it can vary throughout life, being influenced by the environment and daily experiences. Discover the secrets to boost your intelligence. Obtain and successfully use the intelligence tricks that can help you increase your IQ and improve the development of your intellectual abilities.

How to improve your intelligence quotient? Next, the 7 steps to increase your intelligence.

The following health tips will help you achieve peak mental performance and overall well-being :

  • Eat a balanced diet that includes plenty of nutrient-dense vegetables, as well as a whole, unrefined foods.
  • Get enough sleep. It promotes your body’s regenerative systems, balances mood states, and stimulates intellectual capacities and abilities. 3. Doing aerobic exercise
  • has been shown to regularly improve blood flow in the brain and stimulate the growth of neurons in the hippocampus, a brain structure essential for the formation of long-term memory.
  • Reduce the stress in your life. Chronic stress causes high levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, which has many negative effects.

Practice with fun IQ tests through, participate in mental stimulation activities.

Step 2: Increase your Intelligence Quotient in just 21 days

  • Can you be smarter? The answer is positive. According to the intelligence theories of Harvard professor Howard Gardner, all types of intelligence can be enhanced. Don’t conform, a better brain is possible! Many studies claim that IQ can be improved through regular exercise, even in adulthood. It has been shown that intelligence (measured using logical reasoning tests) can be improved.

A better brain is possible. Increase your intelligence in 21 days

How to increase your intelligence? Training your brain with fun IQ tests for 20 minutes a day over a 21-day period significantly improves fluid intelligence, i.e. the ability to reason and solve new problems, a crucial part of life. general intelligence. The improvement persists for at least three months. Next, the 7 steps to increase your intelligence in 21 days.

  1. Play and be curious:

Play is fundamental for the development of intelligence. In addition, it stimulates imagination, creativity, and socialization. It is essential to encourage play among children and reduce hours in front of the television. Play helps the brain innovate and create.

  1. Train your memory and brain capacity:

Train your memory by , it’s a simple way to increase your brain capacity. You can exercise it by memorizing phone numbers or other important information. Playing a musical instrument also has innumerable benefits for improving intellectual abilities, and produces beneficial changes in the brain, such as increased memory, improved spatial intelligence, and enhanced intellectual abilities.

  1. Test yourself with intelligence exercises:

If you want to improve your intelligence, it is advisable to devote some time each day to practicing a small exercise called ” n-back training “. Training techniques have positive effects on the brain. Users who wish to test their skills with single or double n-back training can visit IQ Exercises.

  1. Eat healthy to strengthen the brain:

Following a balanced diet is essential for the proper functioning of the brain because it consumes more than 20% of the nutrients and oxygen that we consume. Large differences in IQ test have been found between children who have a healthy diet and those who have an unbalanced diet or are obese. Therefore, it is advisable to reduce fried foods, transgenic fats, and artificial sweeteners in children’s diets.

  1. Get moving! Exercise regularly:

Moving is essential to improve your intelligence , because in each exercise you generate new cells in your brain. Regular practice of physical exercises is beneficial for the development of mental abilities by producing certain improvements in the brain. For example: improving connections between neurons, increasing the number of neurons as well as decreasing apoptosis or neuronal death; In addition, playing sports increases the level of oxygen in the blood and therefore the oxygenation of the brain. All this results in an increase in memory and the ability to learn.

  1. Goodbye stress! Think positive:

Stress and anxiety kill neurons and prevent their renewal. To counter this, think positive! Get enough rest. When you sleep, remember that you are releasing the toxins of the day.

  1. Try new things: read, study, change paths…

When you experience new things, you stimulate your brain. Therefore, do not fall into the routine. For example, change your route when you go to work or cook new recipes. Reading, studying, or learning a new language has many advantages. Trying new things promotes verbal fluency and mental speed, stimulates and improves brain function, and increases concentration and memory. All of the above causes an improvement in the intelligence quotient. Find out on our site.

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