Logistics for the Qatar World Cup

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Without a doubt, the World Cup in Qatar is a sporting event whose organization is of great magnitude and complexity because it requires extensive and personalized logistics solutions, ranging from collection services to transport and storage of many types of merchandise so that everything arrives on time. In addition, the World Cup will take place in eight stadiums in Qatar, which is why the logistics have to be very precise so that the shipment reaches its rightful place.

Thus, logistics services for the supply chain from origin to destination are essential for the World Cup in Qatar to run smoothly, not only for the teams that are going to participate but for all those companies that have to send material, merchandise, and equipment related to this sporting event. For example, in previous World Cups held in other countries, there was a significant increase in the consumption of beverages, televisions, merchandising products and items, etc.

Logistics services are essential for the World Cup in Qatar to run smoothly, especially for those companies that have to send material, merchandise, and equipment. And everything that is going to have to be available for the consumption of the football teams and the attendees has to come from somewhere and it can do so by land, sea, or air. Therefore, well in advance, it is necessary to be prepared and specify all the logistical details and other value-added services, it being advisable to work with a specialized freight forwarder.

Logistics for the World Cup in Qatar

As we have said, the goods and materials for the Qatar World Cup can reach their destination by air, sea, or land transport. However, the most used mode is usually air, due to its speed and because the material must arrive on time and before the competition starts.

Qatar has Hamad International Airport in Doha, one of the most modern and largest in the world, which was inaugurated in 2014 and is now being expanded for the world to have a capacity with the aim of having a capacity of more than 60 million passengers a year.

Likewise, this airport is linked to the Qatar Airways Group, which is the reference airline of the Qatari Emirate. This airline has air services with more than 1,000 airports in more than 160 countries around the world, and also has a specific cargo division, Qatar Cargo.

Apart from the air section, it is important to note that in every operation there will be a land transport section from the origin to the loading airport, and from the unloading airport to the final destination in Qatar. For the Qatar World Cup, the goods can be sent using air or sea transport, depending on the urgency and characteristics of the shipment.

The merchandise to be transported may travel either in the hold of passenger planes or pure freighters, once the air shipment has been made, although it would also be possible to hire a special charter flight. If the shipment of merchandise can be done well in advance, the cargo can be transported by sea. Most shipping companies that offer services between Europe and the Middle East call at the main ports of Qatar, which are Hamdad, Doha, and Al-Ruwais, all of which are managed by Mwani Qatar. In this case, the maritime shipment must be made well in advance because the time necessary to get the goods to Qatar will be longer. In any case, in all these modes of transport, the material and all the cargo must be well packed and protected, as well as located in the type of container that best suits its characteristics.

Finally, it is important to take into account all the customs procedures that must be carried out in a logistics operation with Qatar. The tax and customs measures related to the goods destined for the 2022 World Cup events can be very diverse because we are talking about imports and exports, temporary or permanent, which have to be known in depth. Customs procedures are not going to be the same depending on whether it is the luggage of foreign delegations and media professionals, the importation of goods under the temporary admission regime, the importation of cargo with the exemption of taxes, or the importation of goods with door-to-door transport.

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