New Year, New Closet: A guide to organise your wardrobe this new year

Welcoming in the new year for many, often comes with a brand-new set of resolutions. 24% of Brits stated that their new year’s resolution for 2022 was to live more economically – and what better way to get this started by assessing what you really need from inside your closet? Over the years you may have built up an abundance of items which could be sold or used by someone else – hoarding clothes is not an economical way to live. If you feel like this, you’re not alone. One study shows that people do not wear at least 50% of their wardrobe, and this can be particularly difficult for the owner when they want to find specific items of clothing in their wardrobe or piece together new outfits. We are here to offer a guide on how to effectively organise your wardrobe so you can fall in love with your clothes again and free up plenty of space. 

Empty your wardrobe 

The first step in this process is to empty all your clothes and place them in a spacious area where you can sort through them. It’s likely that if you haven’t organised your storage in a while, there will be a build-up of dust and grime. Give your closet a good wipe inside and out – you will instantly feel better about putting your clothes back in there and hopefully be more motivated to do so. 


Next, you will want to go through all your clothes, shoes, and accessories and assign each of them to one of the following categories: keep, donate, bin, and sell. Try and really consider if you need a certain item by asking yourself how often you wear it and if you can imagine wearing it in the future – chances are you’ll find a lot of items from past years that don’t cut it for you any longer. Finally, make donating a priority so you don’t produce a mountain of waste. Offer up your hand-me-downs to friends and family or drop them off at your local charity shop. 

Inner-wardrobe storage 

If you find that the inner contents of your wardrobe is still giving you a headache, you may want to purchase some wardrobe organisers. They are usually cheap and easy to assemble, meaning they are a quick fix to a disorganised closet. Here, you may choose to store your underwear or shoes to optimise vertical space.

New clothing 

Freeing up space in your wardrobe may leave you feeling slightly empty but will help you realise what is missing from it. Fashion bloggers on TikTok have emphasised the importance of building the foundations of a wardrobe through multiple basics – which you can mix and match on the daily. So when loading your basket with women’s tops – ensure they are attuned to your taste, are of good quality, and won’t go out of trend within a couple of months. 

By following these tips, you can create space in your wardrobe which will make you feel more put together than ever for the arrival of 2022.   

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