Physion Massage Gun

Getting a massage can help you ease the pain.  If regular massages are too expensive or you want to relieve tension in between appointments, you might be looking for a way to get similar results at home. One of the most popular do-it-yourself options is massage guns. To help you in your tired days switch to a physion massage gun.


While buying a physion massage gun, here are some specifications that are breathtakingly exceptional in the market. Have a look at the specifications.

  • 30 Speeds (Up to 5,000 Strokes/Min)
  • Ultra-Quiet Motor Technology
  • Ultra Lightweight (Less Than 2.5KG)
  • Up to 8 Hours of Battery Life
  • Extended Handle for Extra Reach

How do they work?

They’re wonderful for warming up or cooling down after a workout, and they feel amazing since they target all of the crucial pressure points to increase endorphin production. Although massage guns appear to be powerful equipment, they have a number of benefits, including reduced muscle tension, relaxed muscles, and better blood flow. They’re designed to assist you to recover from muscle pain. In the short term, massage guns may provide some relief for troubled areas.

 How to use a massage gun?

First, decide which muscle group you want to work on. Turn on the massage gun and move it slowly and softly back and forth across the region, adding more pressure as needed. It is advised that ranging from 6 to 10 minutes is usually sufficient. In general, start small and work your way up. Always pay attention to your body and quit quickly if you experience any discomfort.” Overstimulation of the muscle can result in injury, bruising, and rhabdomyolysis in severe situations (acute breakdown of muscle tissue).

 Benefits of physion massage gun:

  • The gun works by pushing extracellular fluids like lymph fluid and venous blood out of muscle tissue and into the circulatory system, which helps to relieve inflammation.
  • It can relieve muscle tension and stiffness by relaxing tight muscles, breaking up scar tissue and adhesions, and reducing muscle soreness.
  • Vibration therapy, according to a 2020 study, may help people with peripheral artery disease improve their strength and movement. Vibration treatment may help people with cerebral palsy, according to a 2018 study. You can rely on this source.


  • It works by continually pounding your muscle 14mm deep, 40 times per second, stimulating circulation, generating heat, and releasing tension – 60 percent deeper than vibration massagers.

What to look for while buying a physion massage gun?

Here is some important point to keep in mind while buying a physion massage gun.

Speed and power:

Not every muscle group can withstand the same level of strain. For this reason, power settings that can be adjusted are a must-have feature. For example, on more sensitive areas like the calf, you might want to use a lower setting, whereas, on larger muscles like the hamstring, you would want to use a higher setting.


Massage guns can be as light as a few ounces or as heavy as several pounds. A lighter-weight version may be preferred if you plan to travel with your massage gun.


Rather than a shorter grip that forces you to crane to reach your back, go for a rifle with a long handle that you can easily reach. Visit a store where you may hold the gun in your hands to ensure that you love using it.

 Battery life:

Most renowned massage guns in the market just have a life of 2-3hours maximum. If you are looking for long time investment buy a physion massage gun. It works longer than 8 hours and works terrific.


A “fork” anchor is suitable for a specific muscle like the calves or hamstring. Rounded heads are available in a range of sizes. Abdominal muscles may benefit from a medium or larger size. Softer heads are advised for sensitive regions. Customize it according to your needs.

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