Reasons to Invest in a Play School Franchise

Speak to any financial advisor these days and you will always hear them chant the same mantra over and over again –

“Diversify your investment portfolio.”

To be fair, it is a sound mantra. We mean it is good advice. The pandemic caused a lot of upheaval in the market, sinking previously immovable investments, thus resulting in losses for investors. This is especially true for share market investment, which though likely to be volatile, still suffered unprecedented losses.

Now that is a situation nobody wants to face again. Which means diversifying your portfolio really makes a lot of sense. And if you are currently scouting the market for good investment options, we suggest giving playschool franchises an earnest shot.

Why, you ask? Well, because benefits abound in a play school franchise investment.

Let us illustrate the reasons you should invest in a play school franchise below.

1. There is always demand

Did you know India is home to 444 million children? That’s not all. Did you know that the preschool market size in India is US$ 3.8 billion?

Now if you consider the number of children enrolling in pre schools each year along with the growing market size of preschools in India, the calculation alone boggles the mind, doesn’t it? That is the best part of a playschool franchise investment. There is always demand!

2. There are also great returns

Not only is the playschool franchise cost lower compared to certain other investments (read: real estate, gold etc.), the returns are also often much greater! By investing in a nursery school franchise, you can supplement your primary income with ease. In fact, you can even make your investment your primary income if you so wish. That is how good the returns are!

3. It is safe and secure

As we have already discussed, volatility in the investment market is a given. More so for certain assets than others. The problem is, volatility can sometimes be difficult to predict, which can be risky for you as an investor. Now it is true that as an investor you should expect some amount of risk, but if you have the option of a safe investment, what is the need to?

One major advantage of a playschool franchise investment is that its performance is not dependent on market fluctuations. This makes it a very safe and secure as well as a long-term investment option. A great choice if you want a stable source of income, be it secondary or primary.

4. It is trustworthy and reliable

If you join hands with a reputable nursery school franchise, you will get the opportunity to work in collaboration with a partner you can trust. That further adds to the security factor of investing in a franchise. But that is not the only perk.

A great amount of value-addition happens when you work with a reliable franchise. Not only do you get to work with a team of experienced professionals, but you also don’t have to shoulder the burden of setting up the said franchise in your neighborhood alone.

The management itself will provide you with every tool, aid and equipment necessary to set-up the franchise. They will also train you so you can run the franchise you are responsible for with ease.

6. Excellent support staff and management

To comfortably invest in a franchise, you need access to a good management system. That is a benefit you can enjoy if you connect with a well-known one. Maintaining both trust and transparency, they will help you out in every step of the way, and provide you with guidance and assistance as and when you need it.

They will help you overcome any challenges that may arise and they will also assist you in hiring the right staff, both teaching and support staff so you don’t have to go through the hassle of recruiting them on your own.

7. Easy to manage investment

On the surface, it may seem like a nursery school franchise is too much to handle. But with the right management, support staff and constant guidance and assistant, handling it becomes an easy task. More so if you have the passion for it and love helping children learn and grow in a safe and constructive environment.

8. Access to the latest innovations

Another perk of investing in a franchise is that you get to work with the latest innovations and technology in the childcare and educational sectors. Research conducted concerning teaching methods or technology at the head schools often trickles down to franchises. This early access to and adoption of the latest edtech helps boost the trust and reputation of your franchise, thereby attracting more enrollments and increasing your profits.

9. A chance to give back to society

Lastly, another plus of a playschool franchise investment is getting the chance to give back to society. A playschool is like a safe haven, a second home for a child where they learn, play and grow as their parents attend their respective offices or tend to other impending tasks.

There is a certain sense of nobility in taking up a cause such as this. How often do you get the chance to help parents raise wonderful kids as well as contribute to the future of the society and the nation? Not very often, if you ask us.

If you do a recap of all the benefits of a playschool franchise investment, you will find yourself strongly leaning towards it. Not only is a playschool franchise cost affordable, but the returns are also great. Plus, help is always at hand and you get to do something good for the society without expending a lot of effort. If you want to get started, join us. We at EuroKids will offer you all of the above perks and then some. You can count on us as we have 21 years of experience and 1200 franchises across the country. Drop by your nearest EuroKids center to know more.

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