Revision Strategy For JEE Mains

Jilted by numerous responsibilities and academic pressure, it is difficult to maintain composure during the last month before attempting JEE Mains. It is a common sight that even a meticulous student who has been preparing for the exam diligently, gives in to external pressure and is unable to cross the line. This situation calls for an efficient revision strategy that should be employed for bettering the results. One such method is the utilisation of Revision Notes for JEE Main PDF for better understanding of the concepts as it provides lucidity on the subject matter.

                               An Effective Plan

  • Procrastination should be avoided at all costs. A student must start revising for JEE Mains as soon as he enters the last leg of preparation. A slight delay might hamper their rank and chances of getting a good college. Pre-decided number of hours should be dedicated for a certain subject and a daily report about the student’s performance should be maintained.
  • Before jumping into the revision plan, a student must ensure that they have completed their syllabus thoroughly. A good grip on the subject matter is required to solve a considerable number of questions in JEE Mains. It is advised to read the NCERT Books and solve all the problems given at the back of every chapter to decipher the concepts properly.
  •  A different revision strategy must be employed for theory dominated subjects such as chemistry and numerical dominated subjects like physics and mathematics. Organic and inorganic chemistry should be revised on a daily basis preferably in the morning for enhanced retainment of the content. A formula sheet should be maintained for physical chemistry so that the formula is at the tip of your finger. Numerical problems may be solved thrice or four times every fortnight.
  • Moving ahead with physics and chemistry, it is really essential to practice a significant variety of questions after clarity of concept is achieved. A stipulated amount of time, preferably daily, should be dedicated to solving problems from available resources. While practicing, time is a factor that should be kept in mind because accuracy is a major factor that decides one’s rank.
  • A good mentor and coaching are essential for securing the desired rank. Even if a student is financially vulnerable, he should seek help from the resources provided on the internet as mentioned earlier in the article. They should be consulted for proper books that may be utilised for the revision strategy.
  •  Attempting mock tests is a crucial step for acing the exam. Mock test papers could be bought at cheap prices from the market or they are even readily available on the internet. A timer should be kept in handy for keeping track of the time. It is understandable that some students might not be able to attempt all the questions in the given timeframe but consistency is the key. With regular practice, the time devoted per question is bound to go down.
  •  Taking breaks at regular intervals is mandatory for revision. Continuous studying for a long period of time might result in headaches, back ache and other medical conditions. Meals should not be skipped just for the sake of studying. It is advisable to listen to music during the breaks or participate in light-hearted activities like talking to friends or engaging in outdoor sports for health benefits. A student must refrain from watching television or web-series during the break as it is highly distracting.
  •  One of the most important qualities that is inherent in a student who has aced the exam is not giving in to pressure. One must recognise their potential and plan the number of hours they devote to studying, accordingly. It is unnecessary to devote 13-14 hours a day for the preparation if a student is unable to take care of his mental health simultaneously. Moreover, one must take a sufficient number of mock tests to be familiar with the surreal atmosphere of the examination. It helps them in handling pressure in a polished manner.
  • Sleep schedule must not be compromised upon. A proper sleep schedule ensures proper working of the human brains and is something which cannot be neglected at any cost.

           Benefits of the Revision Notes

  • The revision notes are organised in a proper manner to ensure that the student is able to follow the content properly and revise all the important content right before the exam. The notes are provided in a sequential manner to make the life of a student hassle free.
  •  The notes are made from the perspective of a person who has secured a decent rank in the exam giving the student using them an edge in their preparation.
  •  Important points are highlighted to improve the readability of the text.

From the perspective of a student who is currently enrolled in IIT Kharagpur, all it takes is dedication and a support system to clear the exam. Preparing for JEE is never the end of social life but it demands a clever work ethic for attaining perfection. Talking to parents is considerably important in this difficult phase because they are the ones that keep a person motivated to strive for their goal. A good bunch of friends that help a student in building confidence, are also essential at this phase when a child is going through puberty.


To summarize all the points mentioned in the article, a student must dedicate a considerable amount of time practicing problems and revising the essential theory wherever required. The importance of time should also be emphasized, for JEE is a time bounded competitive exam. Resources available on the internet as well as in the market are useful for revising. A proper work-life balance should be maintained, health and sleep schedule should not be compromised on. Incompetency should be dealt with, to ensure that the student lands in one of the best colleges in India.

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