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Whether you’re looking to get your family checked up or you’re just looking for a new doctor, HealthTap can be a great way to find the right doctor for you. It’s a free online service that allows you to find a doctor and get a virtual consultation. You’ll be able to keep all your medical records and health information in one place and your information is completely controlled by you.

Free online service

HealthTap is a virtual healthcare service that provides affordable primary care, video telemedicine, and Urgent Care. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help patients find the right care for their specific needs.

HealthTap’s doctors specialize in a variety of fields, including addiction, mental health, and chronic disease. They have undergone rigorous background checks. HealthTap also uses a proprietary software system to connect patients and doctors.

In September, HealthTap launched two free mobile apps. One is for iOS devices, and the other is for Android devices. Both apps allow members to ask questions, book virtual appointments with doctors, and receive guidance on what to do next.

HealthTap’s Prime service offers 24/7 access to licensed physicians. Users can also order lab tests, arrange referrals, and get prescriptions. A subscription to HealthTap Prime costs $99 a month.

Virtual consultations with doctors

Using HealthTap, you can connect with a doctor from anywhere in the world. You can ask questions, get answers, and schedule appointments all from the convenience of your smartphone. HealthTap’s team of doctors includes specialists in a wide variety of fields.

The company aims to provide the best health care for every human being. They believe that healthcare should be affordable, accessible, and high quality. They have worked with more than 71,000 licensed physicians in the U.S. and have registered users in 174 countries.

HealthTap offers several services, including Urgent Care, Primary Care, and Chronic Care. It also offers Group Consults, which are a great way to get quick and affordable treatment. This service is particularly helpful for those who are traveling or living abroad. It also facilitates live video consultations with language interpreters.

Account details controlled by the user

Using HealthTap, you can schedule appointments, send HIPAA-compliant text messages, and take lab tests. You can even order prescriptions to be mailed to your pharmacy of choice. You can also create a virtual consult with your physician.

In addition to a host of online services, HealthTap also offers mobile apps for iOS and Android. Its most popular app is a concierge service that allows users to make and receive appointments. The site also boasts a robust set of security features to ensure that your data is kept secure.

HealthTap is hardly the only telehealth company in town. In fact, there are several in the same field, all competing for your wallet dollar. However, HealthTap is one of the more notable ones thanks to its competitive pricing and a well-designed web portal.


The startup has a mission to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for all. It has built a mobile application and website to help people find doctors, ask questions, and get referrals. The company also has an API that gives third parties access to its content and referral information. HealthTap has a list of about 38,000 doctors. It serves tens of millions of people worldwide through its web and mobile applications. It offers a virtual-consult service called HealthTap Prime, which allows consumers to text, video, and talk with physicians. Its prices are not covered by the largest health insurers.


Located in Palo Alto, California, HealthTap is an app-based virtual primary care provider that caters to a wide variety of clients. From self-insured employers to hospitals to insurance companies, HealthTap is an all in one telehealth solution for businesses of all sizes.


HealthTap’s app allows consumers to schedule appointments, get advice on likely ailments, and watch video interviews with health experts. The app even boasts a nifty AI powered questionnaire to determine the best possible medical plan for a given situation. The company also boasts a network of more than 72,000 volunteer doctors in the US. Those lucky enough to have a subscription can take advantage of $39 video appointments and $59 for emergency care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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