What are the specializations available for lawyers or attorneys?

Although studying law is pretty challenging, specialization is something that particularly gives an identity to the lawyer, which contributes to make a lawyer known for in the market. For instance, a lawyer specializes in portfolio recovery lawsuit is a specific is known to be expert in handling bankruptcy cases. Likewise, a criminal lawyer is known in the market for handling complex and risky criminals’ cases. In this article, we have explained a brief description about the specializations available for lawyers to pursue their professional career in a particular sub-category. Below are the specializations available for lawyers to pursue:

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Specialist attorney

As a law graduate, you can further improve your professional qualifications with a specialist lawyer training course. As part of a course lasting several months, you will deepen yourself in one of over 20 specialist areas of law such as social, tax or medical law. In addition, a 3-year professional practice as a lawyer and a certain number of processed cases in the desired legal area are mandatory for you. Once you have finally acquired the relevant title, you must continue to train for at least 10 hours per year.

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Specialist lawyer for traffic law

As the name suggests, all cases of conflict land on your desk here, which happen when moving on streets and footpaths or which are related to them in a broader sense. You deal with accidents of all kinds and help assert your client’s claims, such as compensation for a damaged car.

Specialist lawyer for inheritance law

As a lawyer specializing in inheritance, your work is divided into two parts. On the one hand, you will advise inheriting clients on how they can draw up a will and regulate their inheritance contractually. On the other hand, you explain to the bereaved how you can accept the estate of their loved one or reject it in the case of inherited debts.

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Specialist lawyer for copyright & media law

For example, if a musician discovers that a company is using one of their songs in an advertisement without permission, they’ll come to you. With warnings or injunctions, you ensure that the artist’s copyrights are preserved. In addition, you are responsible for many different media areas in which so-called intellectual property such as brands and logos are used without permission.

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Specialist lawyer for insurance law

In this sector, you usually work on legal cases in which a client requests certain benefits from his health, home contents or other insurance. If, for example, a tenant finds mold in his apartment, it is questionable whether the liability insurance responsible for this will cover the damage without further ado.

Lawyer notary

In some federal states such as Minnesota, Oklahoma, Irvine, or Nevada, you have the opportunity to work as a notary in addition to your work as a lawyer. You will be admitted to the so-called lawyer notary if you have at least 5 years of legal experience and pass the notarial examination. In addition, practical training in a notary office of at least 160 hours is mandatory for you. In this profession, you work as a neutral and independent consultant who notarizes various legal transactions such as real estate purchases, wills or marriage contracts.

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Business Law

Business law includes taxation, licensing, liability, and trademarking, as well as other parts of the law dealing to industry and commerce. This incredibly broad topic of law splits into a variety of sub-specialties.

Small business Law

Small-enterprise law frequently focuses on the kind of legal advice needed in the early stages of a business, such as tax classifications, employing staff, wrongful termination and obtaining the necessary zoning and licenses.

Corporate Law

Corporate law is more likely to deal with a company’s financial and structural condition, as well as providing legal counsel on day-to-day operations.

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Criminal Law

Criminal law is concerned with the prosecution by the government of anybody who is accused of committing a criminal conduct as defined by public law. If no precedent has been established by either governmental statute or common law, a conduct cannot be classed as a crime, therefore lawsuits between two persons or organizations are considered civil rather than criminal trials. If you’re interested to search for criminal records or just to do background checks, visit

Intellectual Property Law

The field of intellectual property (IP) law has exploded in popularity during the last decade. Patent, trademark, and copyright law is a broad field of law that deals with the acquisition and enforcement of intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights. IP law has typically been divided into three categories:

Copyright law – It is concerned with the protection of works of literature, art, and music.

Patent law – It focuses on technological advancements and inventions.

Trademark law – Its purpose is to protect a person’s or a company’s investment in a distinctive name, symbol, or gadget.

Intellectual property covers everything from words and symbols to Internet domain names and includes the exclusive rights to a registered concept, product, or name. Intellectual property law covers not just improper use of property and plagiarism, but also image and personality protection via the use of registered property.

Environmental Law

Environmental law is mostly derived from a set of federal laws introduced in 1970 that required agencies and corporations to consider the environmental impact of their operations. The legislation established regulations and standards to safeguard the environment from both governmental and private activity.

Health-Care law

Most health rules and regulations are state-based since maintaining public health is essentially the responsibility of the state. The Department of Health and Human Services, which is ultimately in control of the Medicare and Medicaid programs, is at the core of federal health legislation. Medical malpractice, licensure, patient rights, and bio-ethical policy are all areas of health care law.

The First Amendment Law to the United States Constitution

The First Amendment protects citizens’ rights to freedom of speech, religion, press, and assembly against Congress-enacted legislation.

The right to petition the government for redress of grievances guaranteed by the First Amendment allows for litigation. Everything from book burning to prayer in schools to Internet pornography has been the subject of First Amendment litigation.

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