What is a Master in Data Science?

Data Science is a subject of Computer Science that involves the analysis and study of the collection of large amounts of Data of user behavior. Masters in data science is the certification for this subject that deals with making plans, drawing conclusions, and making better data-driven decisions. 

Most students learn this subject to maintain the pace with advanced technology. It uses techniques from different fields of subjects such as mathematics, computer science, statistics, information science, and domain knowledge. 

The education department designed the MS in Data Science as a 30-credit hour interdisciplinary graduate program. In this program, students require to select a specialization from the different interests in Data Science Certification in Denver , including:

  • Computational Intelligence Specialization
  • Business Analytics Specialization
  • Applications Specialization
  • Big Data Informatics Specialization 

Benefits of Machine Learning Certification 

There are many job opportunities for machine learning engineers in the world. Machine learning certification helps students achieve data scientists’ place in various brand companies. Researchers expect that the demand for data scientists will grow by 11% by 2024. 

They also expect the Machine Learning market to reach a compound annual growth rate of $30.64 Billion by 2024. Fresh students should ensure success with excellent Machine learning courses such as Data Science. Students can also achieve some demanding skills including, Time series modeling, supervised and unsupervised learning, Decision tree, Kernel SVM, and Deep Learning fundamentals.

Program Details

Many Universities offers students masters in data science in order to achieve some learning goals, including:

  • The program will help students to manage any large-scale complex data.
  • The program will allow students to design and formulate data analytic solutions.
  • The program will help students recognize and evaluate the needs, opportunities, and limitations of data.
  • The program will help students communicate the implications of stakeholders and interpret data analytics.

Eligibility Requirements for MS in Data Science

The Computer Science and Information department asks students to provide a Bachelor’s degree in Science, Engineering, Technology, or Mathematics for regular admission to the Data Science master’s program. The student’s Bachelor’s degree must be accredited with an average of B or above. For the MS in Data Science, students should submit two separate letters of recommendation for their admission. Students should present at least one letter recommended by someone familiar with the candidate’s academic performance.

Candidates should have completed their recommended course including, a programming course, probability and statistics course, calculus II and III courses, and linear algebra course.


Department offers 30 credit hours of approved graduate coursework for the MS degree in Data Science. Students should complete the requirement for the program and get a minimum grade point of B or above.


The job of Data Scientists is one of the best growing jobs in the world. However, the Data Science master’s degree is expensive, and the course requires discipline, so it is better for you to choose the course that best suits your ability. Many students choose different courses and achieve machine learning certification. You can take the help of the internet and look at the best courses accessible.

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