What is National SEO and How Does It Help Your Online Business?

Each week, a new fancy word emerges from the digital marketing industry. Examples include snippets and keyword-rich material, updates for medics, over-optimization, and many other types of snippets.

Local SEO is very popular, but what if you have a larger audience? What if your brand is national?

SEO in your local area is not enough if you are trying to reach an audience that covers an entire country. National SEO is what your business needs. What is National SEO? We won’t let anything surprise you. We’ll explain what national SEO is and why it’s crucial.

SEO: What is it, and why do you need it?

Most business owners are familiar with the term local SEO strategy. For many years, regional SEO strategy has been a buzzword. SEO industry professionals consider local SEO a crucial component. These basics can prove costly for your company.

What if you want to do something more? National SEO campaigns are the best choice. National SEO campaigns are more likely to target competitive keywords. They target multiple markets. They offer products that are easily accessible to a broad client base.

What’s National Search Engine Optimization?

National SEO is optimizing your website for ranking across the country. National SEO companies are more competitive than local-focused agencies. It will also cost more than local SEO campaigns.

Both national and local strategies are based on different Google algorithms. While you can’t trade one method for the other, you will be adding another budget to your SEO. A national strategy can yield great results. Let’s look at what you need to do for a national SEO campaign that works for your company.

Why is my business better off with a national strategy than a local one?

To answer this question, you will need to ask additional questions. It is more work. It is crucial to fully understand your business before you make the switch to a national focus. These are some questions that you can ask:

  • Where do most of my traffic come from?
  • What are my money keywords?
  • Is there a product or service that appeals to a national audience?
  • Does my site already have e-commerce?
  • How much can I afford to have an e-commerce platform for building/creating?
  • Are you looking to start a brick-and-mortar business? Or, can I make most of my money online?
  • Can I afford to spend more on marketing? Can I afford to compete on a national level with more expensive keywords?

If you earn most of your income in one region, national is not something to worry about. You don’t need to expand your business beyond your local market.

If you have multiple locations or are expanding, is your ranking for each money keyword high? Are you ranking well in these local areas? If it’s not possible to rank for these keywords, your site won’t rank well.

Local optimization should be a top priority. Before expanding your coverage nationwide, make sure that all locations have been ranked.

How do I run a successful national SEO campaign?

The need for national SEO will depend on your business. To make it work, you need several items. It’s pretty complex and requires many things to make it work.

It is essential to offer products that appeal to a wide audience. It is necessary to have a top-performing website. With a broader competition base, new keyword research is necessary.

Products and Services Available to a National Audience

You now have five locations in ten different states. You now have five locations in ten states. How do you decide whether to target a national audience or keep it local? Here’s where you need to start: looking at your products or services.

If you own an ice cream shop, it makes more sense for you to run local campaigns. Do you want to grow your national campaign? Ice cream can be ordered online. Online ordering allows you to sell your product all across the country.

Mobile Optimized Website

Your website must be mobile-friendly and up-to-date. You must adhere to all Google Best Practices to be eligible for high-ranking keywords in the United States. Your OnPage SEO should be the most important. Optimize your meta tags. Keywords are vital in optimizing your content. A killer content silo.

It doesn’t matter which platform you choose. WordPress is the best platform to do SEO. All code can be edited by you. WordPress makes it easy to update your site and make changes to conform to the most recent guidelines.

Avoid the “drag and drop” trap. These pre-made website builders such as Squarespace or Wix are not recommended. These platforms can be challenging to transfer to your website. These are also more difficult to rank. WordPress is the best website builder to help with SEO.

These services could end up controlling a significant portion of your website. This can cause problems if you earn money through your website. If you’ve outgrown your system, you will have to rebuild it.

It is impossible to create a new website from scratch. If you create a brand new website, you will lose many of the rankings. These platforms let you rank for local terms if you’re on them. When you are ready to go national with SEO, it’s time to build a new website on a custom backend.

A web developer with expertise in SEO should be hired. You can find many website designers to hire.

Very few people know how to rank in SERPs.

New Keyword Research

Local campaigns are best served by long-tail keywords. These keywords can be more specific and include an area name or indicator. Instead of searching for “lawnmowing service”, you might search “best lawnmowing service in Melbourne” or “garden maintenance in Sydney.”

You can use different keywords for national purposes. These keywords will reach a larger audience. These broad terms will be harder to rank. The competition is fiercer nationally. There are four other Tucson landscapers now. It is possible to go national and have every landscaper in the country.

To compete at the next level, you’ll need to be prepared.

How is keyword research different in a national SEO campaign?

Did you know that keywords used in national campaigns can be different? We mean shorter.

Most people have heard of the terms “long tail” or “low hanging fruits” before. These terms are also available at National, but National will focus more on broad keywords than the long tail.

You should do your research in your area but also spread the word across the country. Florida residents want to find the cheapest way to visit alligators by airboat. National audiences might search for “What is an Airboat?” and “Where do alligators live span>

If you are a skilled cook, you might rank for “best place in my area to get a pie” It is much more challenging to rank for “best cherry pie” on an e-commerce pie shipping site.

Why? Because you’re not competing at a national level with Betty down the street. You’re competing with Marie Callendar and Perkins. This level of competition is more demanding and requires more budget, time, and a strong marketing team. It also requires new keyword research to match the big guys.

The Best Keyword Search Tools

Some tools are great at keyword research. These tools can be even more helpful when combined with SEO tools. These are our top picks.

  • KWFinder – This one is mentioned in our SEO guide. KWFinder can be used to find secondary keywords or latent semantic. You can improve your rankings by including both primary and second keywords.
  • Google Search Engine  Doing what Google tells you is the best way for you to rank on Google.
  • Google Keyword Planning – These keywords will make Google money. These keywords will also be of benefit to you.

What makes the tools for national different from local?

If the answer is “what tools”, you have probably not been around for a while. Many tools can help you track your SEO and rankings.

These tools can be used to create both national and local SEO strategies. These are our top recommendations for each.

Top SEO Tools

Local SEO requires you to do extensive research. BrightLocal offers up-to-date information about specific zip codes. Their website allows you to check the results for your area.

You should also check out the local competition. Google Maps category relevant to your niche can help you find your competitors. How does Google Maps view your industry? What does Google Maps do with your industry? These are the essential things to know.

Best National SEO Resources

SEO offers many powerful tools. The big guys are the best for national SEO. Although these data are not cheap, they can be invaluable for national SEO.


SEMRush is an excellent research tool. It can show you every detail about a domain. It will show you all information about a domain, from traffic analytics to search engine optimization and everything in-between. SEMRush provides a content optimization extension to Google Docs. This will ensure that your content ranks consistently.

Google’s keyword magic tool is one of the best tools for keyword research.


AHRefs, a prominent SEO company, also provides similar data to SEMRush. These data are more detailed and can help you project where things will go.

It’s worth your time to test them all and decide which one you like best. Choose one.


This pack will help you build a solid website. This pack contains page speed insights and other goodies to help you make your website great. Direct information from horses is the best.

National Search Engine Optimization Is Right For Businesses Working Across the Nation

We hope that you find the following useful and that it helps to decide if national SEO is correct. It’s a massive leap from being a local brand to being recognized on a larger scale.

You must put in the work. You must be focused on the end goal to succeed with digital marketing optimizations.

You should consider whether you are prepared to spend the extra money. Consider the possibility of new business. It is essential to have enough products and services to reach a broad audience. If your product is sold only in your area, your conversion rate will be lower.

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