What is RTP?

Online slots are one of the most successful casino modalities and at Casino Barcelona, we have the most incredible menu you can imagine. In order to enjoy it to the fullest, it is important that you know all the keys to these games in which chance is the main protagonist.

Today we want you to know in-depth what RTP means. The Return to player (Theoretical return to the player, in Spanish) offers us in the form of a percentage vital data to know how profitable that online slot machine can end up being. Throughout this article, we will tell you what it is, what is its importance when playing and the rest of the details that will help you enjoy online slots always with the utmost responsibility.

What does the RTP of a slot mean?

Anyone who has UFA sought to access an online slot has surely seen a percentage in their information. This is something that will catch your attention in the descriptions that we offer you in each online slot at Casino Barcelona. This percentage itself is the RTP and what it is telling us is the return rate of the game.

To understand what RTP is or even what it is for and what its importance is, it may be easier to use an example. If a slot indicates an RTP of 96%, it means that for every 100 credits that are played, 96 will be returned by the game in the form of prizes.

This return percentage is just a theoretical figure since the result of each game session in an online slot will be different. The RTP is indicating the average balance that the players have reached. Following the previous example, there will be those who win 96 prize credits, but also those who achieve 100 or other figures. The RTP is the average balance of everything.

In online slots, the chance is decisive, so not everything is written and the results may vary. The results are not always the same, but it is clear that the RTP will offer you extremely useful information.

More relevant questions about the RTP

At Casino Barcelona we always offer you the specific RTP data of each slot machine, but, in addition, you can also delve much more into the subject in the section.

When you zoom in on the information for a specific online slot, it is clear that a high RTP can be more attractive than a low one. In our slots menu, you can come across all kinds of RTP. All options can have their positive side and their less attractive side, but the important thing is that you play responsibly and know what this term means.

The importance of this data is enormous not only for users but also for online casinos and the providers that create these games. The latter must be able to achieve a complex balance between the interests of online casinos and the interests of the players. Only in this way will you be able to offer attractive games with an RTP as close to 100% as possible.

This is how the RTP of an online slot is calculated

It is determined exactly and quite simply. All that is needed is a large number of game sessions in which all the bonuses and extra games that the game has been activated.

The RTP of that game will be the average result of all those obtained during each of the games. Of course, these RTP calculation games must be played in the same manner and under the exact same conditions as they would be when playing for real money. In addition, they must be made with the maximum bet, in the same version, and from any device, all pay lines must be activated and the game session must be extensive.

The final result that is obtained when making these checks is a percentage that tells you the options that this online slot gives you if you play to the maximum of its possibilities for a long period of time. Despite this, it is true that many users prefer to play in a much calmer way and without going to the maximum from the beginning. If this is your profile as a player, you should know that the RTP will not be the same and will generally be lower. 

In fact, it is becoming more and more common to see online slots talking about an RTP range between a maximum and a minimum figure. This means that it will have a cap RTP, if you play with the highest bet, for a long time… And with a much lower one, if you play more modestly.

The RTP, is it reliable data?

All online slot providers work with a specific RTP for their creations in mind. In the process of creating the game, this data is already calculated and fixed and it is something that they communicate to online casinos when they reach an agreement so that they can offer their games.

This matter already indicates the reliability of the RTP, but there is more. Spanish legislation itself monitors these issues so that everything is safe, just as it does with many other aspects of online gaming. The RTP data, therefore, will undoubtedly have been verified by the competent authorities and/or by laboratories independent of the brand that created the game.

The reliability of the RTP is total and, in addition, it also helps you to know other relevant data such as the house edge. Knowing the RTP is very simple: if a slot has an RTP of 96%, the house edge is 4%. Of course, this is the case as long as you are playing to the maximum of the slot’s possibilities.

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