Why Study in New Zealand? Here are Top 6 Reasons!

New Zealand is about the same size as the United Kingdom or Japan, but has a population of just over 4 million. From rolling green farmland to barren volcanic desert regions, from golden, blue-wave coasts to majestic, snow-capped mountains, New Zealand displays colorful natural scenery in a small area. Its magnificent natural scenery attracts thousands of tourists, making New Zealand a famous tourist country. But apart from tourism, New Zealand’s education is also very attractive, with many students going to this country to study every year. Why do so many people choose to study in New Zealand? Let’s explore the main reasons in this article!

1. Good order and social stability

First of all, New Zealand maintains a neutral position on major international disputes, so the terrorist threat of the country is small. Secondly, New Zealand’s national economy is stable, agriculture and tourism are very developed, fishery production is abundant, and agriculture’s defensive characteristics make it strong against international financial crises.

New Zealand is committed to building a prosperous, multicultural, and multi-ethnic inclusive society and discrimination is a very serious behavior here, so the safety of international students can be maximized guarantee.

2. Warm and pleasant climate, clean and beautiful environment

Because New Zealand is surrounded by the sea, the climate here is mild throughout the year, with sunny beaches and white snow, the air is warm and clean, the sky is blue and clear, the land is verdant and lush, the peaks are stacked, and the original forests are strange and beautiful. At the same time, New Zealand does not have heavy industries, so both its air and food are fresh. In New Zealand, you can enjoy the prosperous and peaceful life, or you can switch between the two lives freely. You can participate in lively concerts, watch various sports events, or meet up with friends in the suburbs for picnics and bar parties; also you can choose to walk on the beach and discover the original magic in the national park.

3. High flexibility in working hours and good immigration policy

New Zealand allows international students to do 20 hours of part-time work per week, and there are no restrictions on holidays. After graduation, international students can enjoy up to two one-year work visas. With the work visa, they can freely work or start a business in New Zealand. After finding a job, international students can apply to become permanent residents of New Zealand, and apply for naturalization in two years and obtain a green card. New Zealand is a high-welfare immigration country. The immigration policy does not strictly control the major of applicants. Graduates of any major will have the opportunity to obtain immigration approval after they find a corresponding technical job after graduation. Moreover, the spouse of international students also can apply for an open work permit, and your children can enter public primary and secondary schools.

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4. Global recognition of academic qualifications

New Zealand adopts the British education system, where international students can receive high-level education. New Zealand’s degrees and qualifications are recognized and respected all over the world. New Zealand is a country with the Commonwealth system, and it implements formal English high school and university education. Hence, after graduation, you can choose to go to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other countries for further studies.

5. Reasonable tuition

Among all the popular Commonwealth countries, the cost of studying in New Zealand is the most reasonable. The tuition and living expenses of students are much cheaper than those of European and American countries.

6. The visa procedure is very simple

As long as the documents are complete, you can get your student visa basically within 4 weeks. Under normal circumstances, the duration of a student visa is one month longer than the original requirement to facilitate the student’s visa extension procedures after the end of the course. At the same time, New Zealand allows students to apply for a language visa for a maximum period of one year, providing opportunities for overseas training for those who need to use English at their jobs. For more help about visa application, you can visit Visa Application.

No matter from the perspective of study or life, New Zealand is a good destination for studying abroad. It is not surprising why so many people are eager to study in New Zealand.

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