World’s most expensive fashionable dresses all over the world

Every woman dreams of seeing herself stunning; through the clothing, she can express her elegance, delicate taste and high dignity. Celebrities don’t spend money on any outfits, and they often buy things from expensive designers. Dresses are usually bought from those who continuously amaze world audiences with new works of fashionable art. There are many expensive dresses in the world, out of which I have tried to present you with five fashionable expensive dresses. Check out beautygardeners, if you want tom know about it.

Nightingale in Kuala Lumpur (About 30 million) :

This dress is considered to be the most expensive dress in the world. It was unveiled by Malaysian designer Faizali Abdullah Tafta at the 2009 Stylo Fashion Grand Prix KL Festival, and It was made of silk with 51 diamonds. As a result, this dress has won the title of the most expensive dress in the world. It costs about 30 million US dollars.

Wedding dress (About 12 million) :

Renee Strauss and jeweller Martin Katz, designer and owner of a Beverly Hills bridal salon, made the most expensive wedding dress in history. The dress is made with 150-carat diamonds. The dress first appeared on The Ritz-Carlton’s 2006 Grand Bridal Show on Rodeo Drive in Marina del Rey. The cost of this dress was about 12 million.

Diamond dress  (About 9 million) :

In 2004, designer Scott Henschel created a mini dress presented by musician Samantha Mamba at the premiere of the movie “Spider-Man 3”. The thin wicker dress was adorned with 3,000 diamonds. The garment has been ranked in the ranking of the most expensive garments globally, and its price was around 9 million.

Black diamond dress (About 6 million)  :

It was first presented at a show in Kyiv.  British designer Debbie Wingham created the costume.  She took six months to make this dress.  The dress’s edges were made of black and white diamonds (2 to 5 carats), and it costs about 7 million US dollar.

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