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10 Easiest Ways to Increase eCommerce Revenue

There are several reasons why people venture into businesses. Maybe to keep busy, to gain experience, or to satisfy their inner entrepreneur. However, the sole aim for all business owners is revenue generation. You have to make those sales to create revenue for eCommerce business. So when businesses are not making the right amount of sales to break even, then there is a cause to worry: What exactly are they doing wrong? 

Why Your eCommerce Store Makes Low Sales?

There are many reasons an eCommerce brand could be making low sales, but they all stem from the following root causes;

1. Poor Optimization

Optimization is key to any online venture. Every segment of an eCommerce business needs a high level of efficiency and effectiveness in order to encourage patronage. So when some of these segments like; product description or targeted ads have poor optimization, lower sales are the outcome and hence generate poor revenue.

2. Poor Ads Execution

eCommerce brands may wonder, “we run ads, but we still don’t get enough sales.” Well, they are most likely executing it incorrectly. It goes just beyond creating these ads. Ads need to send the right message and be targeted at the right demographic for conversion to happen. The ads also need to go live on the right eCommerce platform, which could be on search engines or social media.

3. Poor Customer Service

Customer service is a crucial element to consumer satisfaction and plays a central role in delivering return consumers. Once users experience a terrible service or even a slightly off feeling about your customer service, chances are you may never get that customer back again. 

4. Wrong Consumer Target

Before starting a business with sellvia platform, you should look at sellvia review. However, eCommerce brands may need to run a pilot to understand who their target market is. However, there are better ways to get around this, but if an eCommerce brand has low sales, chances are they don’t know about better methods, or they are busy wasting their time on the wrong consumer group.up.

5. Low Testimonials Available

People love real-life testimonials. It is not uncommon for people to scroll through an online store only not to make a purchase because there are no reviews. Reviews give credibility to your products because customers feel someone else has used this, and they can anchor on their personal experience to gauge your product. 

Having said this, eCommerce brands may be wondering what to do to increase their sales and revenue generation.  

Easiest Ways to Increase Your eCommerce Revenue

Below are ten tested and proven ways to increase sales and review for any eCommerce business.

1. Create an email list

One of the best ways to keep customers coming back is to send targeted and personalized emails to people who find your brand desirable. These emails help to keep your customers notified of new updates and products that you have. Emails are a reliable way to make sales as your customers feel connected to your brand this way.

2. Create a mobile-first website

Mobile-first websites are a buzz in the eCommerce community, and for good reason, as they help drive sales. The bulk of online customers use their mobiles, and hence a mobile-first website gives them a memorable and hitch-free experience that keeps them coming back.

3. Optimize SEO usage

SEO is the backbone of organic traffic as it helps position eCommerce brands in the sight of the average consumer. A website with good SEO should pop out on the first page of Google when users search for keywords relevant to your brands and product. SEO is so important that eCommerce brands go to extra lengths to hire professionals to handle that aspect, but the better and most cost-effective option would be to utilize a SaaS like AllValue. 

4. Create engaging content for products 

Content creation in the world today is a game-changer for any product and brand owner and serves as the avenue for consumers to interact with your brand. Creating thoughtful and engaging content attracts the crowd, and if you can pull a crowd, you can make sales. 

5. Accessible social proof and testimonials

When people purchase products online, as against a physical store, they cannot trust or assert their purchases. Most times, reviews and ratings are what they use to certify the quality of the product. Having a decent social presence and testimonials would help foster consumers’ trust, and they would purchase your products more.

6. Run targeted ad

Targeted ads are created for a specific group of people. For example, if certain people are fond of searching for smartwatches and that is what your sell, targeted ads display your products to them and not to people who search for shoes. Targeted ads ensure you are utilizing your resources on the right customer group.

7. Implement A|B testing

A|B testing gives you the opportunity to test new ideas on your platform and see what works best. Variable testing helps eCommerce brands avoid making customer-unfriendly decisions. It also means your decisions would be guided to be the best and hence helps improve your visitors and customer list. 

8. Adopt a multichannel approach

Using several channels like emails, search engines, social media, etc., assists e-commerce brands to reach more consumers at all levels. It gives your brand more visibility and accessibility. 

9. Retarget visitors.

The internet is filled with options so much that consumers often change their minds. eCommerce brands need to develop strategies to track and re-target consumers who visit their sites but don’t make a purchase. They can do this through personalized offerings based on the consumer’s preferences and behavior.

10. Improve customer service 

Excellent customer service should be the mandate of any eCommerce brand. Businesses must ensure to have a reliable delivery service and that their inventory is up to date such that they don’t display products that are out of stock. They should be easy to reach so that customers can make inquiries easily. This leaves them praising the brand, commending, giving positive reviews, and acting as concrete key opinion consumers. 


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