3 Features All the Best Inverter Batteries for Homes Have in Common

The best inverter battery for home is  robust, has high-performance; and is simply built to last. As a consumer, you have the right to choose a product that perfectly complements your lifestyle; however, with so many products out in the market, how do you choose an ideal battery that’s not only the best but blows the competition out in the air?

Well, for starters, there are few things that are common across all of the leading batteries available in the market, and if you aren’t aware of what goes into building the best batteries, you are more than likely to settle for one that isn’t up to the mark.

So, what are the features that elevates a battery to the top spot and turns it into the best one you can buy out there? Well, here are a few pointers to help you out!

Ability to Perform Well Under Heavy Loads

The best inverter battery for home always functions efficiently under  heavy loads and provides consistent power during long power cuts. This is a feature reserved for only the most premium batteries available in the market due to their built and design quality; therefore, always pay close attention to whether your chosen battery can deliver on this or not.

Excellent Tubular Plate Design

Excellent tubular plate design is vital to  ensure a long service life of the battery. Good batteries have a great tubular plate design and undergo  a manufacturing  process that allows the battery to perform with utmost efficiency for years to come. This is another point that you must keep in mind when looking to purchase a battery.

HADI Casting

The best inverter battery for home is made using HADI casting, also known as high pressure type casting method and only the most premium batteries are designed using this method as it’s an expensive process and offers the following benefits:

  • Makes the battery resistant to corrosion
  • Excellent tolerance to high temperatures
  • Offers overcharge protection
  • Quick deep discharge recovery
  • Fast recharge capabilities

Luminous has a wide range of batteries that are manufactured using the HADI casting technique and offer benefits beyond the capabilities of an ordinary tubular battery. If you are looking to buy the best inverter battery for home that ticks all the right check marks and offers you premium benefits at a competitive price, we have the perfect battery recommendation for you.

RED CHARGE RC18000 150Ah

Source: Luminous

Priced at MRP of ₹16170 the Red Charge RC18000 150 Ah is a powerhouse from Luminous’ stellar range of tubular batteries that offers excellent power backup during long and frequent power cuts. The battery is built using HADI casting which gives it a robust design and long service life for years to come  at a very low maintenance cost, and offers excellent overcharge protection while effectively handling heavier loads for running heavy duty appliances.


  • Designed using HADI high-pressure casting machine for uniform gain structure
  • Puncture resistant DARAMIC-USA separator reduces the risk of internal short circuit
  • Excellent deep discharge recovery and improved charge acceptance
  • Low maintenance and long service life with a 36-month warranty.



Model RC18000, Lead Acid Storage Battery (Factory Charged)
Dimensions 50.2 x 19.1 x 44(All dimensions in cm.)
Filled weight (±5% Kg) 52.5
Warranty 36 Months


Now that you are aware of what makes a battery excellent and what they all have in common. Explore Luminous’ impressive catalog of inverter batteries and get home a battery that delivers exceptional power backup without breaking the bank!

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