3 Reasons to Buy Solid Wooden Furniture

We live in a time of fast fashion and even fast furniture, where cheaply built products that look great in ads seem everywhere. Globalization has changed the way people buy furniture for their homes. It’s not uncommon to find plywood pieces that, while not very expensive, fall apart quickly.  

Solid wood furniture has been coveted for centuries, and today, still reigns supreme! Here are three reasons why. 

1. Durability

Your handcrafted wood furniture will last longer than the glossy imitations that mediocre stores sell for less. Even if you don’t do anything to maintain it, it’s naturally tougher and will stand up better to years of wear and tear. 

Plus, if you get a nick or scratch, there are various ways to repair furniture made of solid wood. You can sand it down, get a wood filler, and find a matching colour blend. Furniture made of plywood or other cheap materials is designed to be disposable, so once it’s scratched, it’s time to throw it out and buy a new one.

You might pay more upfront for the solid wooden furniture, but over the long run, it’ll cost you less because it’ll last much longer.

2. Beauty

Wooden furniture is beautiful to behold. Even the grains in wood like mahogany or maple are quietly sophisticated and gorgeous. When people want a “natural” or “authentic” look, they rely on organic building materials like bricks and wood. 

You can choose the colour or stain you want, ensuring your wooden furniture matches the room’s environment. Wooden furniture comes in different styles now, like timeless, classic looks, or something more contemporary. 

For example, you can get a solid wooden bed with a small profile and clean lines. Find one that has shelving built into it, or you can get a poster bed that really elevates the space where you spend so much time sleeping.

In other words, whatever your style is, some solid wooden furniture will suit it

3. Heft and Gravitas

What does it mean when a piece of inanimate furniture is said to have “gravitas”? Usually, it’s a word applied to serious, dignified people, but sometimes, a piece of solid wood furniture completes a room. What’s a dining room without a large, hefty dining room table?

Furniture can provide accents in the room, but sometimes, solid wood furniture is the substance. Part art, part practical everyday living, furniture plays a major part in our lives. Buying a featured piece of solid wood furniture can be a generational heirloom that will get passed down decades from now, but it’ll also provide a sense of grandeur to its environment today.

Cheap furniture made overseas and designed primarily to be packed and shipped easily can be an elaborate waste. It makes more sense for furniture builders to use local materials, like various solid woods, and make timeless pieces that will last much longer. Consider investing in a piece of solid wood, and you’ll be glad you did. 

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