3 Ways a Nonprofit LMS Can Drive Member Engagement

Motivating learners and keeping them engaged in the learning experience are the fundamental characteristics of a versatile, user-friendly Learning Management System. Online learning demands engagement more than anything else. When it seems monotonous, people tend to interact less and quit early. When it is exciting, people are more likely to participate with enthusiasm. Since active learners are mentally, emotionally, and behaviourally involved in their courses, they consume information better and are more likely to retain it, thus becoming perfect “learning ambassadors.” These “learning ambassadors” in turn help instil a culture of learning among employees across the workplace. Moreover, these employees are more likely to benefit from their self-development and personal growth when engaged in learning resulting in highly skilled employees. To put it clearly, it makes them more content and happier, and studies have shown that happy employees tend to be 12% more productive than their unhappy colleagues.

So, let’s examine few ways a Non-Profit can implement advanced learner engagement strategies efficiently:

Mobile Learning Functionality:

Implementing mobile learning is a fast way to drive member engagement. Studies reveal that an ordinary person touches their smartphone screen 2,617 times per day. So, having the training materials in an easily accessed form of a mobile-friendly Non profit LMS allows your workforce to exhibit a more consistent and relaxed  learning experience anywhere and anytime. Also, 70% of learners are more relaxed and motivated when taking the course on their own mobile device, and learners complete a course material 45% more quicker on their smartphone than doing it on a computer. One of the numerous beneficial things about mobile learning is flexibility. By implementing a mobile-friendly LMS, you are simply providing your workforce with more office and not taking more traditional or desktop-based learning away from them. This flexibility offers them what they need to know & when they need to know it, thus empowering employees with increased morale & greater engagement.  

Social Learning:

Social media has unquestionably become an indispensable aspect of our everyday lives, so much so that we are constantly connected to the entire world. Providing opportunities to employees to connect and collaborate with peers and giving them time away from schedules packed with formal learning activities results in increased creativity, job satisfaction, and engagement. Research suggests that 80% of learners said that working with people they like is highly motivating. It extends an exceptional opportunity for the Non-Profits to leverage an LMS with practical functionalities to provide their employees the increased motivation to share, collaborate, and network with their colleagues and teammates. Informal learning is a power to be reckoned with for the future. If purposely trained and reinforced via social learning technology, this form of learning will take a Non-Profit to the heights of its potential. This innovative era of social learning in the workplace requires that informal methods of learning transmission not only be tolerated but also researched and expanded on.


Considering millennials have comparatively shorter attention spans, applying gamification in your LMS engages your younger learners more. The more involved an employee is with the course, the more likely they are to retain that information. Research reveals there is a 60% increase in employee engagement as a result of gamification training features. Gamification technique with member remunerations help  incentivize people to use their Nonprofit LMS more. Nonprofits can supports this feature by integrating interactive games into their training manuals. Moreover, rewarding employees with certificates, points, badges, and other similar incentives for every course completed & other activities can motivate employee engagement further. Setting an aim for learning and gamification will allow the learners to recollect what’s being conveyed better. As humans, we’re more likely to reflect on actions than words. If the aim is unknown, the learners will probably get perturbed and lose vision. And a team player who’s perturbed can never win the game.


Learner engagement is as beneficial for the learners as it is for the Non-Profits. Everything said and done, the fact that remains unaltered is that Non-Profits need to start looking at ways to boost employee engagement or be left behind to pursue success. And, the best way to maximize member engagement is by employing an LMS that can undoubtedly employ all the features mentioned above. An LMS that caters to the employees’ requirements stands to deliver increased engagement, advanced knowledge retention, participation, collaboration, and productivity.

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