4 Reasons Why Tata Play Rebranding Will Be a Major Boost to Viewers

As an entertainment buff, what is your top preference?  Is it content quality, content quantity, or or seamless viewing experience? Well, it can be said that for most of us, there is no single choice.

Entertainment should be a perfect combination of content quality, quantity, and accessibility. An ideal digital infrastructure is the need of the hour that can put all the aspects of entertainment into a single package.

In India, the entertainment industry is primarily dominated by DTH services. However, the growing use of the internet and the emergence of OTT platforms in the market are changing the outlook of people towards entertainment.

In view of these changing consumer habits and industry dynamics, Tata Sky has taken a significant step to put an end to all entertainment issues a user faces. With its rebranding to Tata Play, the company offers the perfect entertainment options for its users.

4 Reasons Why Tata Play Will Enhance the Entertainment Experience

  • DTH plus OTT: The Unified Experience

As we discussed earlier, there’s a need for a single infrastructure that can include all the facets of entertainment; Tata Play’s new strategy is all about that. Having mastered the DTH services, it is now expanding its OTT aggregation service. That way, the best content from both worlds will be available on a single platform.

The unified experience will boost consumer satisfaction as users won’t have to jump between platforms in search of content.

  • Netflix: Unlimited Quality Content

As a part of the rebranding announcement, Netflix has been added to Tata Play’s vast bouquet of offerings. Netflix is one of the largest OTT platforms in the world, offering a vast range of quality content. So, that fulfils a user’s requirement for quality and quantity of content.

Netflix will be available to Tata Play subscribers through the Tata Play Netflix Combo packs in the three Netflix plans – Basic, Standard and Premium.

  • The Next-level Tech Features

Apart from content, the medium through which we access our content plays a key role in the overall viewing experience.  So, Tata Play’s new features ensure ease of use and make for the best screen time experience. Here are some fantastic tech features introduced by Tata Play:

      • Chromecast built-in: It enables you to stream content directly to your TV from your mobile and enjoy high-definition picture quality and high-quality sound.
      • Voice Search Remote: With this feature, you can easily control your TV and search for content just by using your voice. It really amplifies your ease of use and overall experience.
      • Bluetooth Connectivity: Connect your phone to your TV via Bluetooth and use your mobile as a remote.
  • Unparalleled Customer Service

Tata Play would be the best DTH connection you ever had due to one more factor that is its customer service. With the rebranding, the company has announced free service visits for all its subscribers. Additionally, de-active users can get started with new DTH offers with absolutely no reconnection charges. All these services prove the value and regard Tata Play has for its subscribers. .

Closing Thoughts

Tata Play has always been a customer-centric brand, and now, with its rebranding strategy, it once again re-establishes the same. Get your Tata Play DTH connection and see for yourself why the brand is one of the most trusted DTH service providers in the country.

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