4 Steps to Take After a Construction Accident Injury

When working on a construction site, you may have seen colleagues get hurt. You may have even thought about what steps you would take should you be the one who got hurt when on shift. However, should an accident actually strike, and you get an injury, the physical pain, trauma, and chaos of the accident scene can make it challenging to know what action to take.

Whatever injury you’ve sustained, here are five crucial steps to take after a construction accident injury.

Seek Medical Attention

Once an accident takes place on a construction site, your health and wellbeing should always come first. This means that you must see a doctor immediately. Doing so will protect both your health and legal recoveries. In some instances, your first visit to a doctor may be in the emergency room, especially if you’re seriously injured. Make sure you fully cooperate with your doctor as they will devise a treatment plan for you to follow. This can be served as evidence in your case and strengthen your side. Also, you must not return to work until your doctor says so.

Report the Accident

If you have a good rapport with your boss, you may fear reporting the accident to your employer. However, should you fail to report what has happened and the injuries you’ve sustained, this could come back to bite you when it comes to obtaining compensation. You must report the accident and stick to the facts. The report should outline what has taken place, and where it happened, but never speculate about why it occurred. Once you have everything down in writing, this too can serve as evidence in your case. 

Hire an Attorney

Next, you should hire an experienced construction accident injury attorney, who can help the victims and their families – search for a law firm near me to find one. Even if you’re unsure how long you’ll be out of work, or you’re yet to understand the full impact of your injuries, a lawyer can assist you with your case and navigate you through the process. 

A reputable construction accident injury lawyer will have excellent communication skills and be able to break down law terminology into easy-to-follow terms. Make sure you fully engage with your attorney from start to finish, as once you build a good relationship, this can help you stay on track with your case and maximize how much compensation you get.

Look After Yourself

After a construction site accident, it’s normal to feel a wave of emotions, especially if you’re seriously injured. One day you may feel anger and frustration, the next you may feel down and distressed. The timeframe of your case can be lengthy, so you need to look after yourself along the way. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, taking things easy, and have a strong support network around you.

No matter how long you’ve worked in construction, or how careful you are, accidents can strike when you least expect them. If you’ve become a victim of a construction accident, you must follow the steps above to get justice and compensation for your injuries. 

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