5 Benefits of Smoking from a Bong

Nothing compares to the smooth feel and smoking experience of a bong. Smoking through water is not new and it can be traced to the beginning of the smoking culture in ancient times. With time, new inventions started coming up and refinements were made to the traditional bongs.

Bongs come in different types but they do the same thing. They filter smoke and deliver smooth and cooled smoke to the throat and lungs of the smokers. Here are the different ways they do this:

  • The basic bongs filter and cool the smoke using water
  • The percolators offer an additional level of filtration and cooling using different mechanisms, including honeycomb, tree, inline, and showerhead-style percolators
  • Recyclers use a two-chamber mechanism to cool the smoke from the herb
  • Ice bongs offer an extra layer of cooling effect to the smoke to deliver a super-smooth bang. They come with notches in the tube, which collect ice pieces as they melt in the tube.

Top Advantages of Smoking with a Bong

The extra filtration that the types of bongs deliver has unique advantages. In this post, we will explore some of these advantages and why bongs are considered one of the best and safest smoking devices on the market.

  • It Delivers Smoother Hits

One of the major drawbacks of smoking cannabis is that it can irritate the throat during inhalation. When hot smoke goes into the lungs directly from dry pipes, blunts, or joints, it causes a nasty burning sensation that may discourage new smokers.

The cooling effect that a bong delivers takes care of this unpleasant feeling. The water in a bong ensures that the smoke cools down before you inhale. This provides a smoother and better hit.

Although you may still experience a slight coughing fit, it is still lighter compared to others. Bongs are also a healthier choice of smoking herbs, by the way.

  • It Delivers Better Filtration

Smoke generally produces carcinogens. Although using a bong does not totally remove toxins and carcinogens from the smoke, it still reduces the volume of harmful components that get into your lungs.

That is because the bong filters the smoke through the water to remove a high volume of tars and toxins from the smoke. Additionally, the water in the bong filters other byproducts that come with combustion. It is a well-known fact that swallowing a chunk of ash is one of the unpleasant experiences with smoking herbs.

Bongs remove all these from your smoking experience as the tar particles and ash stay in the water through the filtration process without getting into your mouth. You can also get a cleaner smoking experience by adding an ash-catcher to your bong.

  • Bongs Reduce Mold and Bacteria

Just as it traps ash and tars, water pipe also traps mold and bacteria and reduces the number of microbes that get into your lungs through inhalation. Marijuana smokers often pass around their bongs, pipes, and joints. This can transfer bacteria and illnesses alongside.

However, the water in a water bong filters some of these contaminants and prevents them from getting to your lungs. It is recommended that you frequently change the water in-between smoking sessions to get the most out of your bong smoking experience.

You may want to consider a weekly cleaning with Epson salt and alcohol for a deep clean. If you regularly share your bong with others, it is recommended that you wipe the mouthpiece with an alcohol swap when you pass it from one smoker to the other to prevent transferring more than a pot.

  • It Delivers Bigger Hits

Many seasoned smokers choose glass bongs for the massive rip it delivers. With a bong, you can let the container fill up with smoke and then inhale it all in a single hit. While it may not be the healthiest way to smoke an herb, it is a fun and powerful way to get a hit.

Only bongs can deliver some hit at a single go. If you are a new user, it is recommended that you stick with regular hits and gently work your way to bigger hits.

  • Bongs are Much More Fun

Beyond being practical, bongs are great for making new friends and starting conversations. A glass bong is highly versatile and durable. The best part is that it comes in different colors, designs, or shapes.

That means you can find a plethora of options to choose from. You will find artistic bongs that will suit your style and preference. We recommend that you take the time to understand how a bong works before you buy a piece.

  • How to Smoke with a Bong
  • Fill up your bong with water. The volume of water will depend on the type and size of your bong. You should consider filling the water a little above the downstem or percolator on your bong.
  • Grind the herb. An herb grinder will do a good job, but you can use your finger if you do not have one. Grind the herbs to be as fine as possible but not to the texture of dust.
  • Put the herb in a bow. Pack a small bowl but do not make it too tight to allow enough airflow through it.
  • Light the herb. Place the mouthpiece of the bong in your mouth. Inhale and activate the lighter. Then put the flame to the herbs and continue to inhale as you circle the flame around the bowl.

When you have inhaled the amount of smoke you want, stop lighting the bowl. Pull the bowl out of the bong after some seconds and continue inhaling the main chamber of the bong until it is clear.


Smoking from a bong comes with a lot of benefits. It is considered the healthiest way to smoke cannabis because of the filtration process. You are protected from a high volume of tars and ash. You also get to inhale cool and smooth smoke.

This post looks at the different benefits of choosing a bong to smoke your cannabis and the steps involved in smoking with a bong from scratch.

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