5 business tips everyone must know

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1 – Beware of self-censorship

You are your first enemy. Your education, your experiences, your experience have forged your convictions , your beliefs which can be helpful, but also limit you . Never judge yourself. Learn to ask for external feedback from other people who have another experience, another experience, another education, another perspective than yours. Never consider only your own opinion. 

There is no favorable wind for those who do not know where they are going.


2 – Believe in your dreams but take the time to reflect to bring them to life 

As a person, you must firmly believe that your dreams can come true . As an entrepreneur, you must take the time to translate your dream into a project to build the path, the plan, the strategy, the objectives to make your dreams come true.

3 – Be clear about what you want to do, where you want to get to and why


Work towards having a well-defined vision and mission : determine your  why and the why of your business . Then mark the path with formalized and quantified objectives, a  strategy, a schedule and an action plan to get there .

4 – Make sure you are at the crossroads of your talents and your passions

Get to know yourself better by identifying your area of ​​excellence , your talents , your passions .

5 – Aim for social and environmental impact

Integrate if possible from the beginning of your project circular economy , ecological , or social approaches . Learn to think differently  and it won’t cost you more.

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