5 main causes of failure of a motor and how you can prevent

Your electric items like electric cars and fans have a motor in them that makes them operate. If this motor fails the item also fails to operate. To revive its operation you have to buy and fix a new motor .What causes the motor to fail and how can you prevent them? Read on to discover.

Lifespan of a motor ranges between 30000 and 40000 hours when in full operation. The life service of the motor depends on how properly you maintain it to avoid/ reduce the risk of its failure. Below are the causes and how you can prevent them

Over current

This is caused by excess current flowing through the motor windings exceeds the current designed for the motor to carry safely and efficiently. The excess current flow  is caused by supply of voltage in low amount. This causes the motor to allow in more current for  torque maintainance. Over current flow can also be caused by conductors that are short circuited or the voltage that is in excess supply. You can prevent over current supply by installing overcurrent protectors that will interrupt its supply upon detecting it.

Low resistance

This is caused by decreased insulation of motor windings that is caused by conditions like overheating, physical damage or corrosion. Decreased insulation causes insufficiency in isolation between motor windings or conductors which causes short circuits and leakes causing the motor failure. For you to avoid the high electric motor prices in Kenya that you have to pay for you to buy a new one, you have to inspect the insulation regularly whether there are wear signs and replace it.

Over heating

This causes insulation failure. It is caused by operation of the motor in an environment that is high in temperature and supply of power that is of poor quality. To prevent overheating of the motor ensure the operational environment is cool.

Dust, chemicals and dirt contamination

This causes a high  level of wear and vibration of the motor. It also blocks the fan motor that cools it, hindering its temperature regulation hence increasing the risk of overheating. Contaminations can cause you to pay the high electric motor price in kenya in order to have your refligilator or electric car in operation. To prevent contamination, keep the area where the motor is placed  and the tools you use to fix parts of the motor upon damage clean.


Vibrations cause the motor to fail prematurely. It is caused by placing the motor at an unstable or uneven position. It can also be caused by loss of bearing of the motor, corrosion or misalignment of the motor. To prevent vibration, you should check it regularly  by using the tool used to analyze a motor and position the motor in a stable and even position.


Prevention is better than cure.If you want your electronic items to operate without failure ensure you prevent their motors from failing. For more, check

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