5 Popular Sports in Asian Betting

Asia is the world’s largest continent and has the highest population. Many popular sports are played on this continent; consequently, sports betting has continued to thrive. With these numbers comes a lucrative venture in sports betting.

The sports betting scene is rising and has grown in recent years. It could be due to the COVID-19 Pandemic or the sports that are interesting to watch. It might remain a subject for further research to know how the growth of sports betting has risen in recent years.

In Asia, each country breeds different talents; hence people only bet on the sports they are good at or have experience in. Let’s look at the popular sports in Asia and some betting tips to help you win.

1.      Soccer

Soccer, or as other people refer to football, is the world’s most popular sport. Asians haven’t been left behind as the number of fans betting on football continues to grow. The growth is seen in each new tournament, world cup, or championship.

The football betting market continues to evolve, with the current trend being Asian handicap. It is because it eliminated the possibility of a draw in a match. You can learn about it on the Asian handicap bookmakers list.

2.      Cricket

Countries such as India are known for their love of this sport. Cricket might seem like a hard game to play, but once you understand all the game rules, you will be good to go. It is interesting to know that India has a cricket tournament field in almost all the towns.

Cricket has continued to gain popularity worldwide as people continue to learn about the sport. Thanks to continuous game replays and watching videos. Cricket betting sites are now a buzz as many fanatics try their chance to win.

3.      Table Tennis

Also known as ping pong, it requires a lot of skill and experience to be great at it. Asians have mastered the art of ping pong and continue to be great at it. It’s a great sport to bet on since there is no team play. Everything depends on the individual skills of a player.

Recently, most famous online betting sites adopted table tennis; hence, it is easy for game fanatics to try their luck. However, remember to play in moderation as you bet on your favorite sports players.

4.      Basketball

You will be amazed to know that basketball is popular in Asia. So many people think Asians love cricket, martial arts, or ping pong, but basketball is the second most popular sport by betting volume. Amazing, right?

Everybody loves the dynamics the game portrays, and it is much fun when you place a bet on your favorite team. Asian’s love of basketball continues to grow, as do the betting sites that allow fans to place bets and enjoy live matches.

5.      Baseball

Baseball is no longer a loved sport in the United States. Asians have grown to love baseball, as do the rest of the world. Baseball fans love watching real-life games, but recently, the passion moved to betting as the COVID-19 Pandemic hit.

Baseball fans can easily place bets on their favorite teams as they try their mastery of the games. Live games also continue to thrill the players as they have a feel of being on the field playing this exciting sport.

Tips to Use in Asian Betting

tips for asian betting

Now that you know the top sports to look out for, you need to learn a few tips that you need to be a master. Every gamer needs to have some strategies up their sleeve as they indulge in this exciting venture. These tips will ensure that you enjoy the games and meet your ultimate goal, making money.

·    Thorough Research

Every player, experienced or a beginner, must do some groundwork on the sport. Compare opponents for current performances from other sites and their strengths and weaknesses. Also, you can watch live sports series of your favorite games to get a feel of what happens.

Every betting site has rules and regulations as well as the offers and bonuses you get. Familiarize yourself with these facts and ensure you understand any wagering requirements for the sports, lest you are disappointed when cashing out.

·    Set a Budget and Stick to It.

Every player needs to have a budget to wager on. It is important to note that there will be bad days as will be good days. It would be best to never chase your losses by wagering more funds. Conversely, don’t wager more money after a win in the hopes of getting more.

Never go above your normal budget for any reason at all. Discipline in a player is crucial to winning more in the long run of the game. Whether you play daily or weekly, set a target that you can always stick to, no matter what happens.

·    Never Play When Tired or Emotional

Betting, to most people, is a fun form of entertainment and requires a logical mind to play due to having finances on the line. However, in this case, you should never allow emotions to overshadow your judgment.

Avoid playing when you are upset, tired, or angry, as this will make flawed decisions that will affect your winning chances. No matter how intriguing a drinking experience is while betting, rest assured that you will pay the ultimate price of losing your bets.

·    Read Reviews

Gamers like to write reviews about their experiences on a certain sport or website. It helps gather first-hand information from people who are either experienced or are learning how to play. Their insight will help you in making decisions on how to play and also strategies to use.

However, it is crucial to note that some reviews may not be genuine. Many gaming sites use reviewers as part of their marketing strategies. Ultimately, you decide which site to play in, but you must read widely and consult.

·    Licensed and Registered Betting Sites

Today, many betting sites and gamers risk losing their investments if they play at a site that’s not registered. To ensure this, always read widely about the betting site and confirm their registration.

Gamers must know that their money is safe and can access it anytime they want. The good thing is that due to the digitalization of operations, it is easy to confirm these facts from official license and registration bodies’ websites.

·    Welcome Bonuses and Promotions

Who doesn’t want some bonuses? Choose a site that gives players welcome bonuses and promotions. New players can enjoy the welcome bonuses even before using their money as they get a feel of the game and also learn how to play. Promotions to existing customers help them stay in the game longer as they continue to earn even more.

Every gamer should know the rules and regulations pegged on these promotions before they begin to play. In addition, different sites have different wagering requirements that every play should follow to ensure they can acquire the wins.

·    Bet on Games You Have Expertise

Since money is on the line, it is crucial that you only bet on games you are experienced in, it might not be field experience, but you are aware of what the sport entails, such as strategies to use. Doing this means you are on your way to earning some good cash.

Even though it might be intriguing to learn new sports, you need to have some sports experience. You can watch live matches and watch sports TV series, which will enable you to have some mastery of the game. Also, check the info on another article explained on Qrius. It will be unfortunate if you bet on sports you don’t know about and lose some hard-earned money.


Betting in Asia continues to grow, and as such, fanatics continue to earn money as they play their favorite sports. As a result, sports such as basketball, football, and baseball, which were previously known to be played elsewhere in the world, continue to draw more people from Asia.

The gaming industry is now very lucrative as major sporting sites try to accommodate these gamers. Knowing your budget limit, betting on games you have the expertise in, and reading reviews are among the tips you can use to help you win.

Gaming is fun when used for entertainment, and while it will earn you some good money, it is good to remember that you should always play responsibly.

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