5 Reasons Why Rummy Passion is India’s Most Loved Rummy App

Are you someone who thinks twice before playing rummy at Online Rummy platforms? Or, does safety of money and secure gameplay matter to you? If the answer to both the questions are yes, then you have come to the right place.

Rummy is one such card game, where players have to make sequences and sets to win the game. Rummy is one of the card games that not only gives the opportunity to win huge cash rewards but also helps in learning skills and strategies. With digitisation, rummy card games have become easily accessible for players. While choosing the right rummy platforms players need to keep a few things in mind.

Reasons why Rummy Passion is India’s Most Loved Rummy App

1. Safe and secure Platforms

While playing online rummy card games, players should play on only those sites which are safe and secure. Rummy games which are hosted by Rummy Passion platform are certified from iTech Labs, Australia. Payment gateways at Rummy Passion are also secured with the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). In Online Rummy card games, random cards are drawn that are generated by Random Number Generator (RNG). Players need to keep in mind to play online rummy card games on safe and secure platforms.

2. Rummy Tournaments

Another reason why Rummy Passion is India’s Most Loved Rummy App is the tournaments which are hosted for its players. Rummy Passion offers cash tournaments and freeroll tournaments for its players.

Cash Tournaments: Rummy Passion is hosting cash tournaments where the entry fee is low and cash rewards are high. 30 players can play at a time in one tournament. Players can enroll for the cash tournaments on a first-come-first-serve basis. Cash 2500, Cash 1000, Cash 500, Cash100, Cash 25 and Cash10 are the cash tournaments which are hosted frequently by Rummy Passion.

Freeroll Tournaments: Along with cash tournaments, Rummy Passion also hosts freeroll tournaments for its users. There is no entry fee in freeroll tournaments and players can also practice rummy games by playing freeroll tournaments. Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh, Jumbo Jackpot 10K, Big Jackpot 5K, Big Jackpot 1K and Jackpot 1K are the freeroll tournaments which are offered by Rummy Passion for its players.

3. Secure Payment

One of the important reasons to play rummy at Rummy Passion is the secure and safe payment gateways. We all know that online rummy cash games involve deposits and withdrawals of money. Players can deposit money in Rummy Passion through safe and secure payment gateways. All major e-wallets, credit cards and debit cards are accepted for making payments. The withdrawal process is also easy in Rummy Passion, where players can withdraw their winning amount. 

4. Rewards & Bonuses

Apart from giving the best gaming experience and best secure platforms, Rummy Passion offers rewards and bonuses to its players as well. Undoubtedly, rewards and bonuses make Rummy Passion, India’s Most Loved Rummy. Some of the attractive offers given to players in Rummy Passion are:

VVIP Services: Rummy Passion offers VVIP services to its Platinum and Black tier players. The users of these tiers get special promotions, exclusive leaderboards and birthday bonuses up to Rs.3000.

Rummy Leaderboards: Attractive bonuses and prize pools are one the motivating reasons for users to join the rummy leaderboards.

Passion Rewards Club: Users who start with the Silver tier can play further rummy games and acquire points to move up to Black tier. As they progress to a higher tier, players can avail more and more rewards to keep playing the game. 

5. Responsible Gameplay

Responsible gameplay is an important factor which needs to be kept in mind while playing Online Rummy card games. In Rummy Passion, players can set a deposit limit on a monthly and yearly basis. Along with this, players can self-exclude themselves from the game for a particular period of time. Users can self-exclude their account by clicking into my account section for a duration of minimum 72 hours and maximum 6 months. In the self-exclusion period, players cannot access their Rummy Passion account. Players can use these features to play responsible online rummy games. 


To obtain from the above text, we can say that, online rummy card game is an enticing game through which players can learn certain skills and strategies and win huge rewards. While choosing the right gaming platform players are needed to look at the features of the platform which have safe and secure payment gateways, fair-play policies and exciting rewards and offers.

Now you know some of the reasons to play online rummy card games. So, join now and play rummy at India’s Most Loved Rummy App and win huge rewards.

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