5 Things to Consider Before Setting up a Business in DMCC

Dubai is a destination for dreamers as it offers endless opportunities and discoveries. For business setup in Dubai, free zones in particular are the ideal choices. Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) free zone company setup is one of the most popular options as it enables the business owner to have complete ownership of their company. Unlike any other Dubai free zone, DMCC has many potential and opportunities for the commerce and retail sectors. This blog talks about the 5 things to consider before setting up a business in DMCC. 

A major contributor to the development of trade and commerce in Dubai is the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) free zone. DMCC is one of the UAE’s largest economic zones and is a fast-growing free zone that came into existence in 2002. With the increase in government initiatives, trading and incorporation in DMCC are very quick. The advancement and success of the business are allowed through DMCC free zone company setup. 

Consider These Before Setting up Business in DMCC 

For those looking to enter the market, DMCC is a perfect choice. A major contributor to the development of trade and commerce in the UAE has been the DMCC free zone. 

DMCC Digital Signatures 

As part of their process for all new company setups, DMCC took the necessary action to ensure business continuity by integrating digital signatures. It has greatly increased the speed of signing documentation from the client, and shareholders with the digital signature process. As a result, the company trade license is issued quicker and the company set-up speed has increased by 50%. 

DMCC Reduced Office Costs 

The company must have business premises and a registered office lease when setting up in the UAE. A minimum office facility rental option is offered by free zones known as a Flexi or smart desk. The reduced Flexi desk costs are the major pull factor for the DMCC business setup. Five hours of usage per month and up to one UAE residence visa eligibility are enabled through DMCC Flexi desk. 

DMCC Employee Protection Insurance Programme 

In association with Dubai insurance, the free zone introduced a new employee protection insurance program. To provide cost-savings for member companies and give greater protection to employees is the aim of this program. This strategy has greatly decreased the cost of hiring new employees in DMCC and assisted with the ease of doing business in the UAE. 

DMCC Member and Company Benefits 

The continuous support on offer to businesses is one of the major benefits of having a DMCC company. DMCC continuously strives towards developing and helping entrepreneurs and companies within its business community from webinars and networking events to exhibitions. 


DMCC is widely recognized by local and offshore banks as it is a well-known reputable free zone regulated authority. For licensed DMCC companies, the banks want to onboard corporate bank accounts as it has great credibility with the banks. An amount of AED 50,000 must be deposited into a local UAE bank once the DMCC company setup is completed. Completing the post-company setup process of banking under DMCC is a mandatory requirement. 

5 Factors to Consider Before Starting a Business in DMCC Free Zone 

The company formation in DMCC is highly beneficial as the investors get licenses for a complete range of business activities. They get easy access to the wide business networks in Dubai and like any other free zone, they can avail of 100% business ownership. There is 100% capital repatriation, advantageous freight rates, purpose-built infrastructure, no foreign exchange controls or barriers to entry, and an efficient licensing and registration procedure. 

Before starting up a DMCC free zone business, the following is the list of criteria the investor should be cautious of: 

The Business Type 

Deciding the kind of business the entrepreneur wants is the first step before starting a business in the DMCC free zone. It can either be a local or international branch or a Limited Liability Company. The decision is necessary as they may proceed accordingly for visas and other requirements. 

The Type of License 

General trading license, service license, and industrial license are the 3 forms of DMCC licenses. A general trading license allows the import, export, acquisition, distribution, and stock storage except for a few. The authority to participate in service or consulting activities mentioned in the licenses is given by the service license. Finally, the industrial license allows the implementation of the production of light activities as mentioned in the license. 

Business Activity

The kind of business operations the entrepreneur wants to participate in shall be set before handing over including trading, manufacturing, utilities, etc. This enables the business owner to continue as per their business plan defined. To figure out which trade license covers the activities they are planning to conduct from DMCC, the entrepreneur must evaluate the nature of the business. Different permissions are given for various business activities because selecting a business activity will help them apply for licenses and visas. 

The Name of the Company 

The title should reflect the form of business operation as the corporation’s name is an integral part of the legal process. The practice in which they are engaged is not contravened by the name of the business. The name has to be unique and should not be identical to that of the corporation already founded. 

Choosing a Most Suitable Office Space 

Entrepreneurs must determine what kind of office area they need as it is crucial to pick an office space. According to their requirement, the entrepreneur can choose a warehouse, office, or home. To save the expense for the location over expenditure, a significant office decision is taken. 

The business setup consultants in Dubai help entrepreneurs if they are looking to start a free zone company in DMCC. While the entrepreneur focuses on enhancing the business, the business setup professionals take care of all the responsibilities associated with starting the venture. 


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