5 Ways to Improve Your Business With Instagram

Promoting your business should be a top priority since long-term results are crucial for business success. Social media marketing provides various options for business promotion. Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms for promoting your business. It gives several means for improving business statistics and enhancing marketing goals. 

This article will briefly discuss the five common ways you can use Instagram to grow your business.  

What is Instagram?

Before we move on to how to promote your business on Instagram, let’s slightly discuss what Instagram is and what it is meant for. 

Instagram is a social media platform initially used for posting photos and visual communication. Further, it advanced its features and allowed posting videos, going live, and creating carousel posts. With the latest changes, the Instagram algorithm prioritizes active story making and reel creation. 

Continue reading to learn how to use these features to grow your business on Instagram. 

How to promote your business on Instagram?

Below are five ways you can use Instagram to promote your business. 

Share photos

First, you need to share photos. If your business is about selling products, do not hesitate to have great pictures of the items and share those on Instagram. Promote your photography or hire professional photographers to create high-quality images on Instagram. 

This will help your business stand out from the rest of the companies. Visual representation is essential on Instagram. 

Use hashtags

Together with sharing photos on Instagram, using hashtags can boost your business. At its initial stage, hashtags were widely used on Instagram to make finding relevant content easy. 

Although their usage was minimized a while ago, hashtags recently gained more influence. You can use andcards to systemize the list of hashtags you want to use for several posts, store those, and access them whenever you need them for your Instagram posts. 

Create stories

Another Instagram feature to use for growing your business is creating stories that will engage your followers. The Instagram story section lets you engage your followers with several questions and quizzes, click on them to check your recent posts, or have live conversations with them. 

Storymaking can help you increase engagement and keep your audience connected, thus helping you grow your business. 

Make Reels

Creating reels is a great way to show your creativity and grab attention. As the reels algorithm ensures delivering your content to people who interacted with similar content, music, or reels template, you can simply boost your business by creating reels. 

You will notice how your audience is getting wider with organic results brought by the reels you created. 

Boost posts

Last but not least, you can use Instagram to boost posts and reach even more people than your follower lists. A thing to note is that you can both boost posts from within Instagram or through the Facebook Ads manager if you have connected these two accounts. 

Before placing an ad on the post, you can use a fake Instagram post maker to simulate what result you intend to get. Then after confirming it, make the post and boost it for better reach and engagement. To let you know, you can also boost stories and reels for better results. 

Wrapping up

Instagram can help you grow your business by using its free and paid features. You can create interactive stories and creative reels, engaging posts, use hashtags, share photos, and place ads on the posts and get better results for your business’s improvements. 

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