6 Key Differences Between iOS and Android Operating Systems 

This is the 21st century and there are many operating systems available on different devices. Android is quite a popular operating system on Android devices and is available as open-source. iPhone devices on the other hand use IOS operating systems. Both operating systems have their own set of unique propositions that are enticing for the customers. By subscribing to a quality internet service like Charter Spectrum, you can use your Android or iOS-based phone to its full potential by downloading applications that can help you perform a lot of functions. However, if you are confused between Android or iOS, then worry not because this article will focus on the comparison between the two.


A lot of people find the iOS interface very user-friendly and convenient to use. The reason is that it is easily accessible and has all the applications present on the home screen. Users can access all of their applications with a single tap after unlocking the screen. On the other hand, people like the Android interface as well as it provides a menu that contains all of their apps instead of a homepage clouded with apps. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your choice. What do you want? Do you want your applications to be on the home screen or do you want them to be in a menu tab? Depending on your usage, make a careful selection.


Apply manufactures all iOS-based devices. This is the reason that the design range for a single product series is quite limited. Compared to iOS, Android is an open-source and, therefore, readily available for anyone to use. Therefore, many companies manufacture these mobiles. This OS is readily available on handsets manufactured by a ton of companies such as Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei to name a few. 

Open Source or Close Source

The iPhone as we all know is a proprietary operating system. This means that nobody other than Apple can use iOS. On the other hand, Android is an open-source OS from Google that any company can use on their phones or other devices. This is the reason that applications on iOS cannot work on Android. As far as Android is concerned, it comes with a lot of applications that are available in the Google play store. 

Voice Assistance 

iOS and Android come with voice assistants. The iOS comes with Siri which is a very popular voice assistant and boasts great usability features. You can connect your iOS phone to any Wi-Fi-enabled device in the house and control it remotely from your phone. Just make sure that your home devices are connected to the same internet connection. 

The same is the case with Google’s voice assistant known as Google Assistant. It comes with a plethora of handy features. You can give voice commands to search on the internet, make a call, open an application, navigate on Google maps, or just play your favorite song. Connect your Android phone with the help of the Google Assistant to connect with your Android TV and stream your favorite TV show!


When we talk about updates, iOS leads the way with quick update releases every now and then. This allows making the phone secure against cyberattacks. It also helps to keep the applications fully up-to-date. On the other hand, Android phone companies take a significant amount of time to release new updates. This is a major reason that Apple users prefer iOS any given day. For Android users, data compromise and external threats are an issue each and every day. For iOS users, however, threat prevention and data security act as lifesavers. 

Cloud Integration

When we talk about cloud integration both platforms have different offerings available. iOS provides iCloud. However, many users find its integration to be inconvenient for them. The reason is that Apple does not have a lot to integrate together and has always been shy of data sharing with other devices. The problem persists today even though we have entered the digital age.

Android, on the other hand, comes with quality cloud integration features across multiple platforms. Google provides this cloud integration across all of its offerings as well. Google Photos, Drive, and related apps can easily integrate over the cloud.

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