6 Things You Should Know About Dedicated Servers

Given the changing environment of all walks of life from schooling, to gaming, to running small businesses, it could be time to consider a dedicated server. Businesses that didn’t invest in technology and optimization are struggling (or already failed), whereas companies that embraced technological change are thriving with as high as 400 percent more efficiency (and this was pre-pandemic), according to a 2019 blog post from Alternative Solutions.

Web developers, online vendors, gamers, and influencers alike could all benefit from a dedicated server. It may be the best solution to big data issues. Check out six things you should know about dedicated servers:

1. Look for a company with expert support.

When purchasing a dedicated server, you’re going to want to go with a company with a great support team. Let’s be honest—keeping a business running is nearly impossible without great technical support. Little hiccups can happen, even if you’re dedicated hosting on a physical server. For dedicated hosting services, consider OVHcloud where you’ll find six different dedicated server packages to perfectly fit the amount of data you’ll be using.

Whether you desire a dedicated server for gaming or a package perfect for any small business’s needs, you’ll find powerful servers and the support you need here. OVHcloud is an expert when it comes to bare metal solutions (as opposed to virtual servers). This gets you better bandwidth, better security, and compatibility with multiple operating systems, including Windows Server, Ubuntu, and CentOS. They also offer virtualization solutions, such as VMware, CoreOS, and Windows Hyper-V.

2. You should purchase data management software.

In 2021, nearly everyone has a ton of data storage needs. This is where data management software comes in. Data management software makes everything easier. It assists business users (i.e. customers) by ensuring them that any information they give your site is kept as secure data while assisting with overall data integrity and data integration. Data management software allows you to keep all your information in one single platform stored in a dashboard for easy access. Plus, master data management allows for you to better control data governance under regulatory compliance (privacy policies, emergency response plans, management policies, regulations, etc.), increase reliability, and increase overall data quality.

Master Data Management (MDM) gives you the use of analytics tools like data analytics (business intelligence), so you can easily access productivity, workflow, data source, success rates, etc. This way you can have the most accurate reports on your business value. Considering that 54 percent of senior managers say that being able to better access and analyze data would make decision-making easier, this could be a great tool to learn as a tech student as well.

3. Dedicated servers are faster.

Since you’re the only one using the server, you alone get full access to the bandwidth, memory, and processing power. The alternative to a dedicated server (purchasing part of a shared server) means that if the other people on the hosting plan have successful sites with a lot of traffic, it’s going to slow your site down.

4. Dedicated servers give you more privacy and security.

According to a 2020 blog from Concord, with each access point added to a server, “the more entry points exist for threats.” Since you’re the sole user of a dedicated server, there is a significantly less chance of getting hacked. Often, there is more data protection when using a private cloud, which is going to be more attractive to customers who may be hesitant to give personal information to your site.

Keep in mind that when operating your own dedicated server, it becomes your responsibility to install security software. Therefore, it’s best to go with a company that can be trusted. For example, OVHcloud gives mandatory anti-DDoS protection with every package as it gives the highest level of security.

5. Dedicated servers are in your control.

Being the only one on a dedicated server reduces your risk, increases your visibility, and allows you to gain full control. While a shared server can save you money, you also run the risks associated with sharing space. Much like working in close quarters, if one website gets a virus, everyone’s at risk. A dedicated server can be the best way to avoid the hassle of dealing with other people’s ideas about the best practices for using your virtual space.

6. Dedicated servers could be better for your site’s SEO.


It’s possible that sharing a server can negatively affect your Google rankings if other users are using bad SEO tactics (worst “group project” ever). Plus, the higher speeds associated with a dedicated server positively affect SEO rankings. If your site’s speed is low, your rankings will suffer, and you’ll experience a significant drop in conversions.

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