6 Tips On Best Ways To Style Men’s Sandals 

Men’s sandals are frequently thought of as difficult to style while being a style of footwear that is associated with ease and a sense of relaxation.

This can be owing to their unpretentious design or their requirement for well-kept toenails. But if you set all of that aside, you will see that sandals for men provide a means to maintain your sense of style while giving your foot a rest. Sandals for men are fairly versatile when paired with the appropriate ensemble, even though they do not match well with business attire. Continue reading to find out how to wear your sandals with anything in your wardrobe to get a sophisticated look.

6 tips on the best ways for men to style sandals

Sandals for men can be a wonderful asset to any everyday style if you are an individual who values comfort but does not want to sacrifice style.

  1. With Ethnic pair

Along with kolhapuris and mocassins, sandals for men are a common footwear option for the kurta and pajama ensemble. And why not? They are simple to dance in, walk in, and slide into.

It provides hours of hustling and running during celebrations and wedding ceremonies with much-needed ease and elegance. But be careful not to mistake these sandals with ethnic designs and leather straps for regular flip-flops. Your pajamas, dhoti pants, or kurta-jeans outfit should look more polished and traditional when you wear sandals.

  1. With Suits

James Bond attire and sandals will never be considered acceptable. Sandals for men and fitted suits are typically associated with a bad fashion sense. However, this is where our contemporary, smart-casual trend will rule the land.

Avoid wearing socks at all costs when wearing suits and sandals. Your footwear selection will also have a significant impact on how you seem. Avoid choosing flip-flops with prominent brands or anything too informal to mix with exquisite tailoring. Instead, pick a plain pair in black, brown, or navy blue that is clear of trademarks and designs.

Let’s move on to your suit now. Your sandals will look great with a linen suit, a Nehru jacket, and a printed shirt. You do not need to add any accessories because styling sandals with a tuxedo is a daring choice in and of itself. However, you can tone down the difference between your sandals and your pants.

  1. With Trousers 

Sandals for men may not be the first pick for pants, but slim-fit pants go well with them. You just need to ensure that the hem of your pants ends one or two centimeters or more just above your sandals and lessen the tonal variation between your clothing and shoes. Leather sandals for men look great with pants and a Henley collared shirt, or even with chinos and eccentric T-shirts.

Pairing sandals with trousers that have a bit of structure like Khaki pants are a great option. And if you are going for a more formal look, try pairing sandals with breezy linen trousers.

  1. With Chinos

If you still have any remaining concerns about how simple it is to wear sandals, try pairing them with the most basic ensemble in the history of summer men’s clothing: a t-shirt and chinos. The inclusion of sandals actually makes this otherwise uninteresting match a little more intriguing, and depending on the colour scheme and practicality of the footwear, you can go in one of two directions.

  1. With Shorts

Trends come and go. After all, it is kind of the goal. Conversely, Sandals underwent a Lazarus-like resurrection that no one anticipated.

It is not difficult to see the allure of open-toed footwear after spending the past 10 or so months packed inside socks. You don’t have to wait until you land to just let your feet fly free; your feet need a break (a pedicure is in order). While enjoying margaritas at 10 a.m. and wearing sandals and shorts go hand in hand when you are on vacation, doing so on your own territory requires a bit more planning.

  1. With Socks 

Indeed, white socks with sandals for men. This trend exemplifies how fashion has once again accepted everything that was previously deemed naff better than any other. Earlier, only those people who were sporting white socks with sandals were incarcerated ex-gang members who were perplexed about what went wrong. Today, it is a fashion statement that began as irony but quickly evolved into something else — cool because it is uncool, like bum bags, sports sunglasses, and hiking gear. 

And lastly, Have fun with it! Make sure your feet are well-groomed. No one wants to see crusty toes peeking out from sandals.

So there you have it! A few simple tips to help you style sandals for men. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be looking sharp in no time.

There is no denying that sandals are a staple for men. And while they are typically seen as a casual option, there are ways to style them for a more polished look. These are a few tips on how to style sandals for men. 


Although wearing sandals with pajamas, shorts, and swim shorts are as natural as drinking hot chocolate in the winter, you should also try wearing different combinations. These shoes with open toes will provide your feet with a well-earned break. Sandals for men stand out as a fantastic option for men’s summer attire, it is also simple to get them completely wrong. When wearing sandals as part of casual attire, it is necessary to consider a variety of factors, including your choice of flip-flops, leather sandals, and much more. 

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that you must learn how to match your sandals to your attire. This is far more difficult than most people realize, but that is only because so little is known about it. Simply said, most men do not frequently don sandals. Due to this, there are a few crucial points about how to wear men’s sandals that you should keep in mind. 

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