6 Tips to remove make-up and cleanse your face in record time

Win the battle against laziness! We tell you 7 tips to remove make-up and clean the skin in record time that will prevent you from going to sleep with makeup again, keep reading and your skin will thank you! You get home and laziness can, they cast your favorite series, the sofa makes eyes at you and your guts growl.

I’ll remove my make-up later!

You repeat the same thing to yourself every night but it is never like that. When you get comfortable there is no turning back, you end up with makeup in bed, and the next day you wake up like a raccoon:

The risks of not removing makeup every day

We have all experienced this situation, but if it becomes customary, the skin suffers:

– You create a layer of dirt and makeup that drowns out your skin.

– Pimples, and blackheads appear.

– Your face loses luminosity.

– Eyelashes weigh down and fall out earlier than normal.

– You can suffer skin irritations and infections.

Repairing the damage ends up costing more effort, time, and money than it takes to remove make-up on a daily basis. Luckily there are a series of tips to remove make-up and cleanse the face daily, correctly and in less than 10 minutes, these are some of the ones that I follow every night:

1- With which product is it better to remove make-up? The only ones you need:

These are the only products you need to remove make-up correctly, suitable for all skin types:

– Eye and lip makeup remover 

– Cleansing milk

Makeup remover cloth

– Warm water

– Moisturizing cream or oil

2- Follow these easy steps to remove make-up on a daily basis:

You also need your makeup removal routine to be simple if you want to follow it every day:

– To remove eye makeup, soak a cotton pad in eye makeup remover and gently rub over the eyelids and lashes. First down and then up.

– Then remove the remains of eye makeup with another disk soaked in warm water.

– Slide a new cotton pad soaked in biphasic makeup remover over the lips.

– Apply the cleansing milk all over your face with damp hands, massaging gently.

– Remove makeup and makeup remover traces with a cotton ball soaked in warm water.

– Dry your face.

– Hydrates to avoid tightness.

This is the routine that I follow daily and I confess: I always want to save time, many times I only apply cleansing milk to my eyes and lips as well. It works perfectly for me 🙂

3- Always remove make-up with warm water to go faster:

Warm water softens makeup remnants, helps us remove makeup, and cleanses the skin faster. With cold water, we need to rub more and the skin becomes red, hot water dries out excessively. The warm one is perfect! Once done, dry your face with a blotting paper.

4- How to remove make-up without make-up remover in 5 minutes:

It has happened to all of us to come home one night and find the makeup remover bottle empty. Nothing happens, I go to sleep with my makeup or I throw in hand soap…

Milk fat and cooking oil are the perfect make-up remover for emergencies. Apply them like any conventional product and rinse very well afterward.

5- How to remove make-up with micellar water to go even faster:

Ideally, apply micellar water when you are wearing little or no makeup. Follow these 3 steps to remove makeup with micellar water:

– Spray a make-up remover pad in micellar water and rub very gently over the lids and lashes. It went down first and then up.

– Soak a second disc and use it to clean your lips.

– With a third disk, clean the skin of the face, always with upward and very gentle movements so as not to irritate. Rinse after.

6- Learn how to remove make-up in a healthy way:

Removing makeup improperly with toxic products (I’ve read about those who remove makeup with Vaseline) will end up damaging your skin in the long run, which will make you need more makeup and take even longer to clean your skin. Choose natural cosmetics both in your makeup and in your cleaning products, in the end, your skin will notice. Some natural makeup removers are:

– Almond milk

– Coconut oil, in winter it becomes solid but it is just as effective.

– Pure shea butter

We hope this guide was useful. Have a nice day!

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