7 Altcoins you should know about

The comprehensive market of cryptocurrencies is vast and confusing at the same time. Hundreds of cryptocurrencies exist in the trade markets. It depends on which Private Key you want to invest in. Bitcoins top the ranking list of cryptocurrencies in the present world. However, that is not the only option you get, as Bitcoins are extremely expensive and out of reach for most people in the 21st century.

If you want to participate in Bitcoin investments in today’s world, but cannot afford such high prices, then worry not, as Altcoins awaits you. Curious? Keep an eye on the following article to find out more!

Find out more about Altcoins.

Most people reading this article would have a common question in mind. What are these Altcoins? If you focus on the name,then the first thing flashing through your mind would be the term ‘alternative.’ It is precisely what it is named after. Altcoins are the alternative cryptocurrencies to bitcoins which you can easily invest in. You would find different types of Altcoins with different kinds of features as well. However, the vast array of Altcoins might confuse you as choosing one particular cryptocurrency from so many Altcoins is not an easy task. Worry not, as the following article has sorted out the top 7 Altcoins you can invest in. Check them out!

  • Polkadot:

Polkadot stands first in the ranking list of Altcoins. These cryptocurrencies came over to the trade market quite recently in 2020. And yet, its first market value was $47 in May. After several developments, its value touched the bar of $55 in November, which was absurd as no cryptocurrencies have ever seen such a fantastic response from the crypto trade market.

However, Polkadot is still growing at its best. Its co-founder Gavin Woods had stated that he aims Polkadot to be an internet blockchain where users would be able to find every facility they seek for. They would no longer have to rush through the trade market to pick up the best coin with the best facilities as Polkadot stands right in the front line!

Various news and researches confirm the upcoming development plans on Polkadot, which might make it rank first throughout the time!

  • Polygon:

Yet another successful discovery of Altcoins is Polygon. Polygon came to the market in 2021, which is just last year. It started with a trade market value of $0.10 in the initial stages. Later on, Mark Cuban began to invest in MATIC or Polygon, which aims to increase the efficiency factor of Ethereum in the first place.

After the addition of MATIC investment to its portfolio of Cuban, Polygon started to have a rise in the value to $2.92 by the end of the year.

People might not be interested enough in Polygon due to its recent invention. Still, if Greenberg decides to bring in more advantageous changes and developments in MATIC, it would not take much time to reach the zenith of success!

  • Harmony (ONE):

Another popular Altcoin that came to the cryptocurrency trade market is none other than Harmony or ONE, as people would recognize. If you observe the current news and updates on Altcoins, it will take no time to observe the high competitiveness between Harmony and Polygon. Harmony ranks 41st on the list of cryptocurrencies, while Polygon ranks 14th, but investors find more interest in this Altcoin than the others. It has got 1000 investors while Polygon has 100s.

  • Terra:

One of the most successful Altcoins from last year’s record is none other than Terra. Its cryptocurrency is LUNA, whose market value started at $0.47 initially and reached $87 later in October. Such massive growth of the cryptocurrency Altcoin left every investor shocked and amazed. However, 2022 has not been a fruitful year for LUNA. This year, it reached a final height of $89 and somehow had a terrible fall due to an awful cyber-attack.

You might want to invest in other vital Altcoins in Chainlink, Solana, and Avalanche. If you’re going to have a fruitful investment and gain high percentages of returns, then you can try trading from Bitcoin Era now. It is time for you to choose one from the above list right away!

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