7 Technology Trends in 2022 

The future is uneasy to predict, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make some educated guesses about the trends that will shape the technology landscape in the years to come. Here are seven technology trends that we think will be big in 2022:

1. The rise of the ‘super app’

We’ve already seen the rise of the ‘super app’ in Asia, with platforms like WeChat and LINE dominating the market. In 2022, we think this trend will start to spread to the West as more and more companies try to replicate the success of these Asian giants.

2. 5G goes mainstream

5G is the next generation of mobile technology, and it’s set to revolutionize the way we use our smartphones. In 2022, we think 5G will finally start to go mainstream as more and more handset manufacturers release 5G-enabled devices.

3. The death of the smartphone

The smartphone has been the dominant force in the tech world for over a decade now, but we think 2022 could be the year when it starts to lose its grip. With the rise of new technologies like AR and VR, we think people will start to use their smartphones less and less, opting for dedicated devices instead. 

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4. The rise of the ‘smart home’

Smart home technology has existed for a few years now, but it’s still far from being mainstream. In 2022, we think this will start to change as more and more people start to see the advantages of having a connected home.

5. The death of the PC

The personal computer has been in decline for a few years now, and we think 2022 will be the year when it finally starts to lose its grip on the market. With the rise of new technologies like tablets and smartphones, we think people will increasingly turn to these devices for their computing needs.

6. The rise of the ‘internet of things’

The ‘internet of things’ is a term used to describe the growing trend of connected devices. In 2022, we think this trend will continue to grow as more and more devices are equipped with internet connectivity.

7. The rise of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already starting to have a big impact on our lives, and in 2022 we think this trend will continue to grow. From smart assistants to self-driving cars, AI will increasingly start to shape the way we live and work.

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Blockchain will be used for a variety of applications, including identity management, supply chain management, and data management.


As technology continues to develop, the trends in 2022 are likely to be even more impressive than those we see today. We can expect to see more artificial intelligence, more virtual reality, and more use of biometrics. With these advances, we will see even more amazing innovations in the coming years. 

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