8 sure shot reasons your resume will get rejected

The first impression is the last”, this statement stands corrected when it comes to resume writing. Recruiters go through the resume and you only have ten seconds or even less to capture their attention. This decides how the rest of your interview is going to go.

If you have an impressive resume then half of the work is already done because the recruiter will be interested in knowing more about you. However, a sloppy resume increases the chances of you getting rejected significantly. Here are the 8 mistakes that you must avoid in your resume:

  • Grammatical Errors

Spelling mistakes and missing punctuations are a big no. Always remember that this important piece of document represents you so it has to be perfect. Cross-check the resume twice and then ask a reliable friend to check it again. Ask for honest reviews on your resume to make it better. However, you can always go with hiring an executive resume writing services for the same.

Grammatical errors will show the recruiter how careless you are and that you do not really care about the job. Prevent yourself from this embarrassment by proofreading your resume. If writing is not your best suit, seek professional resume writing services help to make your resume up to date.

  • Incorrect format of the resume

Ensure that your resume is in one of the acceptable formats. The most popular formats for resume writing are: Functional, chronological, reverse chronological. If the recruiter has to search for different sections then it means your resume is messed up.

Every section of the resume should be in a particular order so the recruiters immediately find whatever they are looking for. Poor formatting will put you at a disadvantage and will surely ruin the chances of you getting the job. Look for popular formats on the web and finalise one before writing your resume. But, you can freely sort it out by getting in touch with an Indian resume writing agency

  • Irrelevant information

Adding unnecessary information to the resume is another big mistake that can stand in the way of you and your dream job. Inserting a picture of yourself in the resume is not required so skip this part for sure. Including things like marital status, age, weight and political views will only take up space on your resume and will do no good. Your resume should only contain things that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Remove all such things that may seem boring or unprofessional to the recruiter.

  • False Information

All reputed businesses run a background check on the employees that they are going to hire. This is why, make sure that you are honest on your resume about everything. We all like to brag a little about our achievements and accomplishments which is totally okay.

However, do not stretch it too far or else your lies can land you into trouble. For instance, do not lie about your salary, responsibilities and job titles. If you have any education or employment gaps then explain them rather than hiding them. Even a little lie of yours could make the job slip right away from your hands. Even executive resume writing experts will also suggest the same thing to you.

  • Length of the CV

This aspect of the resume is surely a heated topic. Lengthy resumes will only make the recruiter wearied because they literally do this all day long. If you are a fresher than a single-page resume is more than enough.

However, if you have work experience of 7-10 years then only mention the jobs that are relevant. For instance, your work experience as a Starbucks employee will not matter five years down the line when you are applying in the IT sector. Be selective of what you put in the resume.

  • Wrong choice of fonts

Using funky fonts is not the way of making your resume stand out from the crowd. Always use standard fonts that can be read easily by anyone. If not, the recruiter will not care to read your resume so this is a risk that you should not take.

  • Email addresses

If you have a quirky email address like [email protected] then do yourself a favour by not including it in your resume. Make a new email id that sounds professional and does not ruin your image in front of the recruiter. Gmail is considered to be one of the best so you can opt for a Gmail account. In case, you have no idea of creating a resume, paying to an executive resume writing agency would be best for you

  • Too much about yourself

Mention the key details about yourself and a few personality traits. Do not go out listing all of your hobbies. If the recruiters would be interested in knowing more, they can simply ask in the interview. Also, too many hobbies may show that you are not committed to performing limited tasks. Take advantage of online resume examples and stand out from the rest.

Final Words

These were the 8 worst mistakes anyone could probably commit and lose the job. Always make sure to take a second opinion on your resume as constructive criticism can help in improvement. Sound confident and grab your dream job!

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