A Beginner’s Guide to Virtual Data Rooms

A virtual data room is an online repository of files and documents. Each data room may be different, depending on the provider, but there are certain characteristics that all must-have, especially in terms of security and data protection. Most of the data room providers undergo both internal and external audits on a regular basis to check their protections against any security threat and the proper functioning of their interface.

The fundamental activities that can be carried out in a data room are to upload, store and manage files in a very easy and secure way. Similarly, the fast data room by docurex has an easy-to-use interface so you can perform your tasks comfortably. If you want to know how it works we recommend you to visit their website.

How much do virtual data rooms cost?

Currently, the well-known Virtual Data Rooms are used much more and each of them may have a different price.

A large part of the secure data room providers offers a free trial option, especially so that companies or users who wish to use this service can assess the ease of working with the data rooms and all the facilities that it offers.

However, secure data room provider is quite flexible in their services: They offer personalized plans according to the client’s needs or requirements of the company.

What services do data rooms offer?

Data room services can be used by any company for certain projects regularly. Among the most common sectors are banks, insurance companies, financial and accounting companies, loan advisors, law firms, pharmaceutical companies, real estate companies, marketing, and mediation companies, and many more that wish to share confidential documents between workers, clients, or collaborators.  

What feature will you get within virtual data room platforms?

There are many but among the most common are:

  • Secure document management.
  • Advanced search within the documents.
  • Filtering tools, file displacements.
  • Digital Rights Management.
  • Compatibility of documents with different formats.
  • Multi-language translation in real-time (greater comfort for the user who is using it).
  • Activity tracking tools
  • Upload multiple documents at once.

What are the guarantees offered by the virtual data rooms?

The use of Data Rooms has become very popular for companies from different sectors and the security and trust provided by these data room provider companies is essential for the performance of their activity.

The vast majority of the VDR companies have ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, which is the one that strictly regulates information management in terms of security and risk control. Some companies also have other certifications for the use of data security depending on the sectors they manage.

In the same way, they have internal mechanisms for access to confidential documents such as two-step authentication, personalized permission options for different users, document visibility restrictions, as well as disable options to save documents, print them, and watermarks in documents in a personalized way.

In addition, the data rooms use highly secure ciphers (256-bit AES) and the encryption keys and key vaults are stored securely. Each of these data room companies employs different alternatives, but they are all extremely reliable to use.

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