A Brief View on ÖBB – The Austrian Railway Network Operator

The European country Austria is well-known for its monumental buildings and historical sites where people from all nook-and-corner of the world wish to visit. The natural features including mountain ranges and gorges make the train travels more exciting.

The entire Austrian railway is operated by the name ÖBB under the Republic of Austria. This article will give you more details regarding it.

The ÖBB rail network:

The Austrian national railway system ÖBB was previously known as BBÖ that has the expansion of BundesbahnÖsterreich. It integrates and maintains the railway route all over Austria and many parts of the European continent.

The trains in the ÖBB rail network:

The four trains that operate to carry passengers across long distances are ÖBB Railjet, ÖBB Nightjet, ÖBB Eurocity& Intercity and ÖBB Intercity Express.

The ÖBB Railjet:

It is one of the fastest trains in the ÖBB network as the top speed is 230 kilometres per hour. This train connects every city in Austria as well as directs towards other countries like Italy, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia and Germany. As the train has a connectivity route to the Vienna Airport, you will be able to access the journey with the rest of the world through flight.

The ÖBB Nightjet:

Are you a night lover? Then do not miss the chance of travelling in the ÖBB Nightjet. You can either choose seating carriages, sleeper cabins or even couchette according to your comfort preferences in this train. Be ready for a pleasant experience throughout the night.

The ÖBB Intercity-Express:

It is the second high-speed train in Austria as the ÖBB Railjet. The facilities provided in this train is nowhere less to that of the other trains at ÖBB. These facilities include air-conditioned cabins, electrical outlets for charging, reading lamps, comfortable seats and so on.

This train also provides a separate apartment for travellers who have babies or toddlers under the age of three. You can also select from first-class or second-class categories as in other trains.

The ÖBB Eurocity& Intercity trains:

The ÖBB Eurocity train connects the neighbouring countries from Austria. Whereas, the ÖBB Intercity train functions like the Railjet train covering longer distances than the Eurocity. The maximum speed of these trains is 200 kilometres per hour.

You can enjoy the meals and drinks from the onboard restaurant. There is also a special lady’s compartment for women who travel alone.

Regional ÖBB trains:

Apart from long-distance travelling trains, ÖBB also provides the convenience to travel to regional locations in Austria through various trains. This list of trains includes the ÖBB Cityjet which is a new urban train, the ÖBB Talent for speedy transport, the ÖBB Desiro for a modern experience, the ÖBB Bi-level Push-pull train with a panoramic view, the Cityshuttle push-pull train and the electric railcar 4020.

These trains move at a speed from 120 to 160 kilometres per hour. They are air-conditioned and provide comfortable seats. Visit the ÖBB website now to book tickets for your journey.

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