A Comprehensive Outline of ”Xperia Touch ”- Everything You Want To Know

A near future item that makes everyday space smarter. The evolution of technology never stops, and touch screens such as smartphones are now commonplace, but the relationship between humans and machines shows signs of further expansion. The era of “touch screens everywhere” has arrived!

“Xperia Touch” is a portable projector that can be used as a touch screen anywhere in the room, such as on a wall or table. It is an entirely new genre of smart products different from conventional mini projectors and projection virtual keyboards.

A new dimension experience in everyday life

For example, it is projected on the living room wall as a digital message board that can be written by hand. By projecting the recipe onto the kitchen table, you can scroll the page even with dirty hands while cooking. You can enjoy photos and videos taken with your smartphone on the wall, and if you can, also video chat with a large number of people.

By incorporating the Xperia Touch into your daily life, you can experience a new dimension. It’s exciting just to think about how you would use it.

Interactive games and apps

There is no doubt that it will be exciting to project an interactive game that you can touch and play with Xperia Touch. The living room table is like an arcade game!

There are infinite ways to play, depending on the app. With Xperia Touch, you can double the fun of drawing apps that automatically animate the pictures you draw and apps that allow you to play the piano. It is also ideal as an educational tool to foster children’s creativity.

If you have an Xperia Touch at home, it’s cool, like the movie’s future everyday life! You will free yourself from clinging to the screen of your smartphone or PC, and you will be able to live a smarter and more creative life.

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